I still think about our PNW adventure. It was my dream vacation. I could do that trip every single year and explore new pockets every time. Daniel, Lila, and I got on so well – despite her melt downs here and there. They were few and far between, at least. 🙂

Anyway, here is a very condensed version that I have been meaning to share for ages. Because hi, it’s April now. Almost six months later! GASP!

Driving anywhere along the coast of Washington and Victoria was my favorite. Everywhere you looked was gorgeous. I became obsessed with collecting leaves.

Beacon Hill Park in Victoria was a nice walk from our AirBnb. We stayed in a relatively busy area, but walking just a few blocks away put you in the middle of nature.

Butchart Gardens was a little bit of a drive, but 100% worth it. I never expected to be so amazed just walking around gardens and enjoying the views.
We visited Forks, Washington of course – after staying the night in Port Angeles.
The Tree Root cave along the coast is insane.

My favorite AirBnb was the tiny house with goats outside (Olympia). It was unique and adorable. My favorite in terms of COOL FACTOR was totally the Portland Bluebird bus.

Between Olympia and Portland we stopped in Astoria because we heard such amazing things. The brewery where we hung out had sea lions chillin’ below. Definitely entertaining.

One day we will return to this area. Keep your chin up, Roxy! It will happen!

I saved some cool chunks of the trip in my Instagram stories. There are three blurbs: Victoria, Oregon, and Washington.


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