I had such a fantabulous weekend.  i pigged out on sushi friday after work.  it was so tasty and amazing.  daniel had carpool duty, so here i am, NOT driving home from work/sushi 🙂

the fact that i had people coming over forced me to go crazy with saturday’s cleaning.  very productive day 🙂 once my old friends were over we nearly died laughing as we rocked out hardcore [rockband 2!] – the sound shut off twice! haha

sunday was spent productively on the front lawn.  the dogs went a little mad sometimes when other furry friends went by, but all and all they looked crazy adorable on that pretty green lawn 🙂

notice how big and beautiful osa is?!

so after i wrapped up a package, stitched a few things, and wrote a couple letters, i went inside to finish up some orders.  i even made myself a giant pin cushion!
never have i been so productive!
i used 4 different hollister shirts from my college days [5+ years ago – CRAZY!] and the bottom is a chunk of my fave cords [also hollister]
Leigh-Ann has a great tutorial here.
daniel spent the day at a comic book convention and bought me this super amazing print from the houston “comicpalooza”
the artist is dirk strangely.  and i believe he lives here in houston! my print is signed 😀
alright my lovely lovelies, i bid you goodnight.  i almost went to bed around 8pm when there was no power, but it suddenly returned, granting me many distractions. haha
peace 🙂

AAAND, i almost forgot! my lovely friends danielle and meaghan [current super fun penpals!] have motivated me to ask – would you like to be penpals??  simply email me your name and address.  it’s so much fun! 😀 [roxy.rodriguez at gmail dot com]

don’t think i’ve forgotten about my “giveaway coming soon” teasers! [??] haha it really is! i’m going to set it up this coming weekend 😀 <3 <3 <3



  1. I'm just wondering..if any of your students know about this blog 😀 I wish I had a teacher like you 😀

  2. You're too much fun! Love it! Looks like a great weekend! I'd love to be penpals!!! I'll email you! Have a happy day!

  3. Hi Roxy! I like play Guitar Hero too with my sister and her friends, it's soooooo funny (but my boyfriends doesn't like, he says it's a little boring… the true is he's not very talented with this game, hahahahahah!)

  4. Hi there! I found your blog through a giveaway on A Beautiful Mess. I am a Math teacher as well, but for 3rd and 4th graders. I love your puppies! I have two of my own. Anyway can not wait to read more!


  5. HI!!!… i'm loving your blog and i'm gonna become a follower… I'm from argentina, and if you dont mind having an international penpal then i would loooove to do it!!!…
    would you check out my blog and tell me if you're ok with being penpals and then i'll email you?

  6. Cuuuute blog! Thanks for stopping by! I'm always stoked to find other Texans!

    P.S. – I loooooooove the owls print. A-mazing!!

    <3 Talia

  7. I'd love to be pen pals… Last time I linked up with someone to be pen pals, it turned into one of the most eccentric and exciting adventures of my life! Even though we lived a nation apart, the way we met was truly magical. I'll write to you about it!

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