Hot Chocolate Giveaway

Even though the Houston population is used to the ups and downs of this weather, I’m pretty sure we can still appreciate a cup of hot chocolate, with all of the a few marshmallows. Especially since our days have been on the cold and wet side lately! There have been days where, once I’m finally home from whatever work I had going on, I will crawl straight into bed with a Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffee [Gingerbread Man] or cocoa [Campfire Hot Chocolate!] and do a bit of blogging, Netflix binging, and maybe work on an e-course. Sorry, D! Gonna have to save those chores for another day!

hot chocolate giveaway

You know what’s crazy? Instead of actually taking a nap like I really want to do, the aforementioned things actually go down. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the post-holiday laziness, but sometimes you just need some down time, no matter what your choice activity may be. Just be sure to include a cup of hot chocolate. :)

Thanks to Brooklyn Bean Roastery for sponsoring this lazy-bones-blanket-cuddles-inducing giveaway!

hot chocolate giveaway

Enter to win a 40-pack of Variety Hot Chocolate K-cup box a few different ways below and good luck!



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  1. This is so awesome. Hot chocolate is my fave! I try to keep myself motivated and reliable with myself. I try to not overdo or try to outdo myself when I know it’s going to be too much!

  2. I have been trying to eat better and exercise.
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  3. I take it slow. I know if I try to exercise heavily, I will just stop. So I build up my endurance.

  4. I make time for daily walking. I listen to an audio book while I do it so I don’t get bored.

  5. I try to keep moving in January by going to Zumba with my mom & walking my dog when it is above 50 degrees (which happens occasionally–I’m in TN)

  6. I try to cook super healthy meals to start the new year off with! It helps me to get back on track after Christmas and makes me feel good!

  7. I make a series of small changes instead of one huge one. I find it is easier to adjust to one little change at a time instead of an entire lifestyle overhaul.

  8. I’m not feeling exhausted. I do 30 mins of cardio every day. It helps keep the energy levels up.

  9. I always start my day with a nice cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate. It really helps me to get going.

  10. My better half and I motivate each other to slowly get going and get into routine.

  11. I set a goal I want completed per day. That way I am up and getting ready. I also do my devotions so that I am prepared for the day.

  12. I basically have to with three sons who have to be up and ready to go for school early in the morning! They are my motivation and coffee helps too!

  13. I set my alarm for 2 hours early to give myself some me time and focus on the days agenda

  14. It is really difficult to keep moving and start a new routine in January. I try to be kind to myself and do things in baby steps and not plunge in all at once. I have better chance of making change stick if I shift things gradually.

  15. I am making a new start this year by moving to a new city and getting a new job! 😉

  16. Its a challenge but rewarding yourself with a nice treat like a hot chocolate really helps :-) Also I like to stock up on vitamins, energy bars and try a few new smoothie and salad recipes.

  17. A cup of hot coffee to energize me in the morning after getting out my warm bed, preparing everything the night before kids, clothes, shoes lunches packed.

  18. I try to start the year off with a good diet to try and keep my myasthenia gravis in remission. Since i’m wheelchair bound i don’t do much exercise but i do range of motion and thigh strenghth.

  19. I take it slow. I know if I try to exercise heavily, I will just stop. So I build up my endurance.

  20. I just avoid thinking about how cold it is etc, get my butt out of bed and head to the gym. The faster I get going the less likely I am to just want to stay in bed 😉 Once I get going I’m good!

  21. I take things one day at a time. I move about accordingly depending on the day and how bad my body feels. I don’t push or over exert myself. It’s never a good thing.

  22. Exercise in the morning and it helps to mentally and physically get through the week

  23. I set a list of goals for myself for each day; things I need to accomplish to stay on track. By having a set of goals, I stay motivated to get up and go about my day. =)

  24. Start an exercise regiment and keep track online. This will help us keep up to date and see our progress.

  25. I am lucky enough that my apartment has a fitness center so I force myself to work out despite the constant rain in Oregon!

  26. I do a gigantic clean out after the holidays are over and the kids are back in school. At the end of the day, when everyone is in bed, I usually watch tv with my husband with acup of hot chocolate.

  27. Lots of rest and eating healthy.. More walking indoors, due to cold weather.

  28. Every January I sit down at my kitchen table to work on my family calendar and it puts me in a good frame of mind. There is so much to plan for and look forward to! It’s never to early to start shopping and planning for birthday parties, communions, graduations, travel plans, etc.

  29. I’m right there with ya, this weather is terrible! Hot chocolate would help with that!

  30. When I get up in the morning I try to have a positive attitude. I start my day walking my puppy.

  31. I get up and get dressed, make my first cup of hot coffee for the day and that’s what gets me moving everyday.

  32. I workout at the Gym two mornings a week and start with a warm cup of Tea or Hot Chocolate to get me ready to go out the door.

  33. I always start my day with 2 cups of coffee & then me & my wonderful hubby do our devotional & then I walk my puppy & then I’m ready for my day! I like to end my day curled up with a cup of cocoa & family time. :)

  34. I workout three times a week because I need to be active and strong for my family.

  35. I’m in my sophomore year of college ,so I keep on going looking forward to the prize!

  36. I like to start the day with some coffee and quick clean up if any dishes from the night before or get laundry started. Orange juice helps me too.

  37. For a new routine to stick, I have to put it at the very top of every list I make during the month, with a check-off box so I have the satisfaction of crossing it off!!

  38. I keep myself moving by dressing warm, drinking hot teas throughout the day, and getting outside when the sun is shining, or at least enjoying it near a window.

  39. My clothes started fitting a little tighter after all the holiday parties, time to get moving again! Plus it will help me stay warm!

  40. I have been going to yoga every day that I’m not at work. It is so good for my body and my emotional health!

  41. How do you start a fresh routine and get yourself moving through all the January exhaustion? Hot Chocolate before bed ensures that I get the restful sleep that I need! Thank you for this giveaway.

  42. I like to try new healthy recipes out all january long because it warms the house up and i enjoy cooking

  43. i take the second week of January off to regroup and get my schedules rearranged and ready for the new year

  44. Honestly, every year I try to make a go of January, and by the 15th I give up and binge watch Netflix for 2 months until the climate improves. This is why I don’t watch tv the rest of year.

  45. I shower and get dressed first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for my whole day!

  46. In Wisconsin…the winters are long and cold~ love having my coffee first thing in the morning, and sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace in the evening. But it’s the coffee that starts out my day on the right track.

  47. I make myself get up and exercise (even if its a little) and i go to bed at a decent hour

  48. It is not so much exhaustion, but cold,gloomy days that are a little draggy, but I generally make sure that I have plenty of various types of fluids to drink, along with some tasty snacking goods.

  49. I do my best to move more and eat healthier and don’t beat myself up when I don’t achieve my goals for the day. Tomorrow is always another day. :-)

  50. I set measurable, actionable, quantifiable goals. ‘Eat better’ is a wish, not a goal. A goal would be ‘track daily caloric intake via x method x times per day, inputting all calories consumed’ or ‘eat x grams of x food per day’.

  51. I’ve been going to bed earlier, which gets me up and more awake earlier!

  52. I get up early and do a daily run. The fresh air always gets me ready for the day.

  53. It helps to write things down and think about what makes you happy, like music/special food/running/praying. January is a good time to start new habits!

  54. I swim 3 times a week and pace myself over the holidays so I don’t get exhausted.
    Thanks for the contest.

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