grrfeisty: December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

Knaus Berry Farm

My cousins and I drove out to Knaus Berry Farm! It's about half an hour away from where they stay in Miami.

 The lines are usually really long - I believe we waited about 45 minutes. Since I went with a good size group, we could take turns exploring the strawberry patch and tomato vines. Also buy some shakes, etc in a separate line. The whole experience is pretty delicious. :)

The bakery is the most popular part of the farm [which was the line in which we waited] but the produce looked amazing. And the strawberry patch smelled so delicious....
We ended up purchasing dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, and a spicy guava jelly that I am excited to try.

/drool fest...


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Animal Friends Calendar

Anyone who knows me or visits my blog frequently is aware of my love for animals, big and small.
I recently made a survey about selling a dog calendar, and I'm going through with it! After doing the math, $20 is the only price that will cover my costs as well as provide a nice donation for Lucky Dog Rescue.

You would receive your calendar in mid-January if you order now.
 Please consider ordering a desk calendar for the new year! You'll love the antics of Buster and friends. :)
[OR you can order one from Lucky Dog! But they won't be pups you've seen before. :)]

I look forward to making bigger donations to an organization that supports the things I believe in. :)


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Insta-Week - off to Miami!

Hello friends! I hope your holidays have gone well so far. :)
I am currently in Miami [again] spending time with my family. Though New Years will be spent with Daniel. :)

Just before I departed, my diet had been going pretty well! Guess I will have to start over upon my return. My teammates have been juicing [the fruit and veggie kind] on and off, which is what I get back to. Maybe two meals a day or so. Have you ever juiced? It feels pretty amazing...

Daniel, Maria, Will and I exchanged gifts. It was pretty awesome. Daniel and I ended up getting each other Keurigs! HA. [we returned one]
Then off to Maria's where Will was making waffles. We had so much fun. :) 

 And off I went! Texas to Florida.
My flight was pretty early. My dad and Buster dropped me at the airport. Oh, that pup. So adorable. [see first photo for her 4:30am face]

Oh, hey Christmas Eve! My family opens gifts at midnight. There were a lot of phone cases involved. 

 Shutterfly case, Snadycakes custom Bueno Bueno necklace, and Stogdill case via Amazon.

 Graziano's, marshmallows via Beca of Tumbleweeds, and Game of Things.

Most of my luggage consisted of presents since I arrived on Christmas Eve. Doesn't leave much shopping time! So I've been wearing the small amount of clothing I brought with me over and over. :) Hence the boots...and the tights...OH! And I crossed an item off the ol' "before I'm 30" bucket list. It took 8 hours, but I have made an article of clothing. A skirt for work! Hooray!
Better photographs of the skirt to come... It took a lot longer than I expected!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I Wore - Fox and Plaid


I may appear to like this teddy bear. But my favorite Osa* of them all is pictured below.
*Osa means female bear in Spanish.

Sometimes Daniel and I will jokingly refer to her as "The Simple Dog," but it's all in good fun. Osa likes to fake everyone out. Sure, she thinks of feces as a fine delicacy. Perhaps vomit is a delicious amuse bouche - who am I to judge the life of a dog?
In all honesty, she is our best behaved pooch. Sam and Buster are extremely well trained, but they still like to wreak a bit of havoc every once in a while. For example, Buster isn't so good at first impressions. And Sam? This is how letting them out back tends to go:
"Come!" Osa springs back and Sam takes his time, marking his territory with every few steps. Osa waits next to me at the door, watching for Sam. "Come!" As soon as he decides to meander back into the house, Osa is in his face, reprimanding him with an obnoxious bark and body bump. It's actually pretty adorable. :)
Sure, Osa gets busted sometimes, but only because she has become an accessory to [one of] the mass garbage destruction[s] of 2012. And her manners could use some refining, but Osa's so sweet, she can easily get away with a quick crotch sniff.


Plaid top: Pac Sun
Shorts: random boutique...
Tights: Anthropologie
Boots: Shoemint



Friday, December 21, 2012


 Last weekend my Roller Derby team had a holiday party
It was a lot of fun! During the off season you sometimes forget how great some people are. :)
 Holiday times! Also, thinking about doing THIS. It's pretty apparent that I am in love with dogs. All of ZEM! Calendar is in the works. Outlook good. :)

 My family and I celebrated Texmas again this year. Texmas is what I started calling our gift exchange before the family trip to Miami. Lessens the luggage load. :)
It consists of my parents, sister, and Daniel. And by the looks of things, tends to be oh-so-much fun. Especially since Sandy made me a fake hand. hahaha

And then we messed around with my new app! Split Cam is hilarious!

 The decorations are finally up! Post 1; Post 2.

 Work antics!! The week before break is ROUGH. Definitely screwed up diet-wise. But I'm not too worried. Like I said, my team is pretty rad. :)

Uh oh! Look who is learning. :)

 Oh, and more work antics. My sister gave me those earrings for Texmas. They are too cool. :)

Happy Weekend!!