grrfeisty: July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you, July Sponsors! :)

July has been very exciting! And I'm so glad I could share the screen with these lovely folks. :)

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Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Transporting Human Organs

Ha! Cryptic title for sure, right?
It's just one of the lovely gifts my sister received on her birthday.
How incredibly talented is my baby?? :)
Don't worry! No organs were harmed in the balancing of this lunch box.

Happy belated birthday to my sister! Can't wait to spend a week with her [and my momma!]. <3

 p.s! if you are interested. :)
[get it??]

Friday, July 27, 2012


 Last weekend consisted mostly of roller derby. First our home games, and then we road tripped to Austin for the Star of Texas Bowl. Very educational. :)
 More photos here. :)

Dog time! :)
 Buster models the Houston Roller Derby dog shirt. :) Like a champ!

I got some pretty cool tights in the mail.

 Celebrated my sister's birthday from afar.

Wrote about wanderlust.

And spent some time with my roller derby team, jumpin' on a trampoline. :)

There are a few things on today's to-do. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

p.s. check out my new "Shop my Closet" feature!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Open for Business

I have a problem with connecting clothing to personal experiences...and it makes it hard to clean out my closet. Whether they were gifted, or purchased on vacation somewhere, I just can't let go.

But I have slowly been creating piles to donate, and piles to put into a "garage sale."
I ended up creating a "Shop My Closet" store with the non-donation items. There are many beautiful items that I simply must part with...including some shoes and vintage inspired jewelry... you should probably take a peek. :)

Use the app below, or visit the full site here.
The shop has it's own tab above, as well. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore...WanderLust

I recently discovered Air BnB, and every once in a while I get sucked into the website for an hour or so, planning future trips, imaginary trips, and trips that could only happen in my mind.

This particular morning I was perusing far off destinations - Air BnB in one window, google maps in the other. I could get lost for days...and it kind of influenced my wardrobe choices. :)
 As a child, my family moved around a lot. I've only lived in 3 states and one other country, but we moved so often between the 4, that it has greatly influenced my wanderlust.
My sister and I have also been lucky in that our family trips while we lived overseas involved a large chunk of Europe.
Soon my mother, sister, and I will be venturing to Paris, France. She [my mom] gets the itch as well.
We are a pretty itchy family. haha ;)

Use code "GRR" for 30% off a regularly priced item!
Boots: Guess
Necklace: I Adorn U

My Francesca's Collections Travel Wishlist:
Francesca's For Travel

What are your dream destinations?
Big Dream: To one day live in Austria... <3 <3
Smaller Dream: Relocate to the Pacific Northwest. <3


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July Feature: INPINK

 Like the tights? I purchased them from Hansel from Basel.
Shoes? Blowfish.

Since my first [and second] INPINK purchase, I have been eyeing a few things on the site. Here is a wishlist I created. :)
INPINK Bracelets

 Some of these can be worn together, while others would look just fine by themselves [like the cuff]. I went through a "chandelier" earring phase, and now I have moved on to bracelets. <3
What are your favorite items?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Roller Derby Weekend

This weekend was pretty roller derby heavy! I didn't have any bouts myself, but I attended 5 total. Houston Roller Derby [HRD] had their monthly bouts Saturday night and then a few of us hit the road early Sunday morning to make the Star of Texas Bowl.
I forgot my camera Saturday night, but Kiki let me borrow hers.

Some of the most amazing teams were playing in Austin on Sunday. I am only 2 years into the game and don't know ALL the big names. But the few I did recognize, I photographed like crazy. :)
One of our skaters is a former Bay Area Derby [B.A.D.] team member. She asked one of her old teammate's to come down to Houston for a weekend. On the right is Demanda Riot, who led a couple workshops for HRD that weekend. It was pretty rad watching her block on Sunday. That woman is strong.

My friend, AcuPUNCHher, on the left, with one of her faves, Smarty Pants [of TXRG], on the right. :)

 oh, haaiiii, is that Suzy HOTROD of Gotham Girls Roller Derby?? As seen in ESPNW's Body Issue last year??

Bonnie Thunders [far left] was probably my favorite jammer to watch all night. Her background in figure skating provided for some entertaining footwork.

Watching these amazing teams compete against each other is incredibly inspiring. I can't wait to get back in the swing of things and attempt to up my game.


p.s. one week until FRANCE!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Happy Friday, friends!
Here is a glimpse into my happenings of the week.

It began with my returning to the regularly scheduled [summer] program of  gym and roller derby...and then something happened to my lower back. Again. I feel the pain hopefully I can resume my routines next week. :)

 Enjoyed some new beverages, and some old. :)
Kinda weird how many drinks I documented this week....
Zola brand coconut water is delish.
I brought the pumpkin juice back from "Hogwarts." Add some ginger ale and rum and yum!

 Summer vacation = extended puppy time. <3

I have been attending a math conference this week in the downtown area. Daniel loves riding the metro rail, so we have been saving gas money and patience by taking the rail over. It's pretty relaxing not having to drive around traffic filled freeways in the a.m.
Also, since this post, I purchased a couple pairs of flats and have been in the painful process of breaking them in. I always have temporary issues with the heel. :-/

 The daily rain continues. Houston is lookin' mighty green. :)

 And the French lessons continue as well. Once again, I am only learning the most basic of phrases. Sorry to disappoint you future Parisians I will encounter! :)

Hope y'all stay safe and cool this weekend.

I also shared some books I have read and tv shows I have been watching. Feel free to leave me some recs on those posts!