grrfeisty: April 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

an outing with osa

This weekend was my school's picnic. It was also the second time I have taken Osa to a large public function.
[Buster is with my parents - and pretty antisocial. Sam is limping - we are keeping a close eye on him.] 
I have mentioned before that Osa is the baby. Unfortunately, she became a part of my life after I attained a full time job, so we rarely take day trips to the park, or go on random walks/skates. I recently noticed that the phrase "Do you wanna..." does not excite Osa in any way at all. She just kinda glances at me. The terms "walk" and "park" do not invoke any sort of reaction either. And??? Notice the photo above?? Rolling the window down only gets a dog "meh." Seriously??? If you are a dog owner, you know this is strange behavior! Poor girl. This is what happens when you come into the picture when the other dogs are already 5+ years old. Well, things are a-changin'!
Osa has been earning herself an outing more and more often. And she has been proving herself to be quite deserving. :)
Osa got to hang with her new pal, Wyatt.

Wyatt has some silly hair, guys.

 Pooped from playing.

"Thanks for bringing Osa to the picnic!!!!"
No probs, dude.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bosses Bout #2

Last week, my team and I faced the Alamo City Roller Girls. It was a very rough game - these girls were a lot bigger than us. In the end we faced our second loss, but dang if we didn't put up an amazing fight.

If you are curious as to what we are looking at? See the photo below. :)

Daniel's family came out and made AMAZING signs! They were super bright and could be seen from the lower level where we were playing. It was such a fun surprise.


Friday, April 27, 2012

insta-week [moves to fridays!]

I hope you don't mind, but I have decided to move my little "insta-week" posts to Fridays :) There are so many other things I want to share at the start of the week!

I have been visiting my parents' house a bit more often because we have a relative in town for a while. Buster has been staying with my family for a while now. She is good at keep my mom company when my dad goes on work trips. :)

The INPINK giveaway went up earlier this week. Don't forget to enter! Your chances of winning are pretty high :)

 I visited my friend/co-worker who is on materinity leave right now. She owes me when she returns! ;)

I love making to-do lists, but following through...OY. These are my work and home lists. Many of you know about that. Work & blog & etsy shop, oh my!

On Wednesday or Thursday I inquired about ways to get to sleep earlier. I plan on making a few purchases this weekend based on some of your advice. All week I have gone to bed far too late...and that means that I wear flats, skirts, and tees to work. Probably borderline unprofessional, but I am able to pull it off - thank goodness! Time to start dressing nice again, guys. Which means more sleep is neccessary!

Benchmark tests are over! Hooray! This week was STAAR testing week at my work place. Teachers and students have been crazy preparing for the new exam, and a few of us have been trying to add a little pep to the teachers' days by ordering lunches. NOMNOMNOM

The last post of the week [not including this one] was pretty amazing. Brandi doesn't just style the hairs on my head, she also helped me out with a guest post - hooray! If you are curious about summer hair care - check it out! Thanks to MMBB for putting it together. :)
I can't wait to post next week's photos - because of the fun and relaxation that awaits me this weekend. :) But now you gotta wait until Friday! I know, you are just so upset. No worries, friend! I will see you soon!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest Post: Summer Hair Care with MMBB


When summertime hits, I try to take a break from putting extra heat or chemicals on my hair.
Heat=Damage. I can't stress this enough!
I am going to give you some tips for Healthy Summer Time Hair! 

1.Use cool water when washing and conditioning your hair. The cold water locks the conditioner in your hair cuticle.
(Don't use Grocery store products on your hair)

2. Spray/put some damage control/leave in conditioner/moroccan oil hydrating cream (either of those) and let air dry. If you dont like the look of it air drying then braid it/Top Knot it and let dry. If you run out of ways to wear your hair check out our Hair Tutorial Tab at MMBB.

3. Going for a swim? Dampen your hair then fill cuticle with conditioner. This protects your hair from chlorine.

4.  If you plan on being in the sun all day coat hair with leave-in protection or wear a hat or scarf.

5. When combing wet hair, use a wide tooth comb and be gentle. Be careful not to break your hair. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

Photo on 2012-03-20 at 16.26 #2

6. As soon as you notice split ends, call your hairstylist and book an appointment. I know you want to grow it out but if you don't get those ends taken care of those split ends will snap off or keep riding up your hair.

7. Use velcro or other non heat methods to get the curls you want. Try knots or waves from braids. Or try the SURFER GIRL technique without heat. Another cute look: FAST FIX SUMMER HAIR.

heat shield

8. Do a weekly mask. It is KEY to follow the instructions:) I reccommend It's a 10, Moroccan oil mask, or you can always ask your hairstylist.

9. If you must blowdry your hair or use any heating tool, coat your hair with a good professional heat protectant first. Damage.Manager [above #7] is good, and so is Moroccan oil.

Follow these steps and your hair will be in good shape for summer. :)

Let's be pals!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what i a bratz doll!

I can't tell if my head is really huge, or if it's the giant hair. Either way, I look like a Bratz doll!
Kind of funny.

For more outfit[&details], and less pup, visit This Creative Life. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

INPINK's INsane Giveaway!

I am pretty excited to be working with INPINK this month. While I was in Austin for the Texas Style Conference I met one of INPINK's representatives. He was so nice - and used to live in Houston! So we had plenty to talk about. :) Everyone that I have interacted with thus far has been so sweet and personable. So when they offered to do this big of a giveaway on the blog, I was more than willing. :) And hopefully so are you!

My favorite accessory INPINK carries are the earrings. :)

But I also have a necklace and earring set that is pretty sweet. INPINK offers jewelry for virtually any occasion. The pieces I have purchased are perfect for work, or going out in the evening.

INPINK is offering FIFTY readers a chance to win a $40 gift card.

1.Like INPINK's Facebook page AND/OR Follow INPINK on Twitter.

2. Leave a comment here with your contact info [and let me know whether you "liked" or "followed." [or both!] :)

EDIT:::**Must be a U.S. or Canadian Resident**

This giveaway closes on
May 7th.
Good luck!