grrfeisty: March 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

cooking with feisty

And now for another post sponsored! :)

[click to enlarge]
Notes: I used baby portobellos; didn't measure the veggie oil as it's for sauteing the mushrooms; the original recipe called for margarine but i used olive oil spread, as well as olive oil instead of veggie oil; 2% milk was used.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Lightly grease 9x13 inch pan.
3. Boil pasta for 8 - 10 minutes [I add a bit of salt and olive oil to the water].
4. As the water boils, put vegetable oil into a saucepan, along with your mushrooms. Cook for a few minutes, until yummy mushroom smell is wafting around your kitchen. And then set aside.
5. Melt olive oil spread in saucepan & mix the garlic, flour, and basil. Gradually add the milk. Stir in 1 cup of mozzarella cheese until melted.
6. Mix in pasta, spinach, mushrooms, and soy sauce.
7. Transfer to baking dish and cover with remaining cup of cheese. [Add more if you want!]
8. Bake for 20 minutes, or until bubbly and/or light brown. :)

 Daniel loves this recipe, and so do I. I have made it 3 times total!

As far as total time from start to consumption...I'd say almost an hour. But the leftovers heat up real quick and taste great for days! Not too shabby. :)

Let me know if you give it a try - I'd love to hear about any edits! I think sauteed onions would make it even yummier.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Books

The book that broke my heart?
The Fault in Our Stars

Amazing. UH-mazing. A few friends of mine recommended this book. I already knew it was going to be a tear-jerker, so I put it off...but after a few Instagram friends saw it sitting on my nightstand, and got all kinds of excited, I knew I had to do it. So I cracked it open...and fell in love with the main character, Hazel, and her romantic interest, Augustus. The writing style is beautiful and hilarious. I love "the voice," as one of my friends describes it [Read Kiki's excellent review here].
The Fault in Our Stars is about two teenagers. Both have struggled with cancer, and are in the process of falling in love. Not your typical love story, folks. Read in private and keep a handful of tissues nearby. This morning? Puffy eyes alert! But such a good cry.

The last book I read was Birthmarked, which I mentioned here.
Birthmarked was pretty good. I am still hooked on dystopian novels, and this book definitely falls into that category
The main character, Gaia, is a midwife, as her mother is. All midwives must hand over the first 3 babies they deliver each month to the interior city within "the wall." Her parents are arrested, and thus begins her adventure...and questions regarding the baby quota and more are answered...
I will be looking for the sequel, Prized...

p.s. more books i have read and recommend here :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dog rescuers :)

 i have always loved dogs. always. where i work, we find a lot of dogs who escape from the backyard or are stray. if only they could all be loved and cared for. :(

preventing animal abuse and cruelty has always been an issue near and dear to my heart. thinking about how helpless an animal is turns me into an emotional blob of tears and mucus. you think i am exaggerating, but i swear it's true. and sarah mclaughlin doesn't help. :)
i am lucky to work in a place where multiple employees have "adopted" a found dog. a friend of mine has adopted two dogs that were running around our school [separate occasions]. floozy is 3 [and ill when found] and dexter is about 6 months old. thank goodness for people like my co-workers&friends.

i am in search of an organization to support monthly. so far i have three on my list...i will research more in order to narrow it down. [edit: i think i have found the one!]

snuggle closely with your pet every once in a while. they are so lucky to have you, and you them. <3

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what i love

sometimes i will try a certain style [i.e. tights with open toed shoes], and feel just a bit paranoid as i walk around at work. a few people commented that my legs were a funny color - no that is not my skin tone, you craycray! :)

i am team sleeves all the way, but this dress was far too awesome, and i own quite a few cover ups, so it's no big deal. navy blue makes me drool.
while my mom was snapping some of these photos, she suggested i remove my cardigan... it's funny when you reach that age when you start to listen to your mother. :)

p.s. i've got quite a few april ad spots available.

join me in april

this is a great time to advertise on my readership has been steadily growing, and my prices are pretty sweet.
For more information, read on. :) 

Monday, March 26, 2012


How was your week? I really needed a few 25 hour days in there. Or maybe 100 hour days. Yes...that would be nice... :)
Things at work are pretty hectic with benchmark testing coming up. I make a yearly video for the students and teachers to kinda of rev everyone up...but I have been having so many technical difficulties this time around. I finished the video on a Wednesday, and on Sunday night, I was still trying to piece it together. And this is extra on top of what I am supposed to be doing to prepare students and teachers for our new test. Sigh. Okay, I don't talk about work for a rant

 Something that made my day? This piece of art work/jewelry by Reigruche Studio. Love this girl. She has some incredible talents. Especially in the crocheting a beautiful pendant department. <3

Monday was also amazing because I got to visit with a friend and his pups for a couple hours. It was the cutest little photoshoot ever. Photos coming soon. :)

My sister visited last week [it was her Spring Break]. We decided to be silly. :) My mom took the photo of us on the right...we were laughing so hard. And my mom was no help, chuckling just before each shot. :)

A couple friends of mine from work had an extra ticket for the Hunger Games midnight showing. EXCITEMENT. The movie was amazing. YES things were left out and slightly different, but all in all, having read the book 2 years ago, I enjoyed it.

Just before heading out for Dallas and the Clover Cup, I received a couple packages. One being my new glasses! More information coming soon :)

A couple relatives of Daniel came into town. I received a good whoopin' in pool. By both Daniel and his sister. :)

Saturday and Sunday consisted of some sweet Roller Derby action in Dallas, Tx. And Houston placed 1st. :)
I am so glad that I made the trip. I will sleep when I am dead. Or on summer vacation. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Weekend DIY

Obscure shades of spray paint make simple items seem so much more unique. So when I stumbled upon this article about mason jars in Ready Made, I figured this easy project was the best one to try out in my "spare time."
Do grown-ups [I use that term very loosely when referring to myself, by the way] really have much spare time anymore??

 I happened to have a couple metal stakes from an old vampire killing spree fence. These worked perfectly and allowed for a nice even spray around the jar.

Because house plants tend to turn suicidal in my presence [I swear it's not my fault...] I opted out of making planters. Instead, I took the jars already in use, and fancied them up. :)

This is an incredibly simple DIY. But sometimes you need to read about or see an idea to even consider trying it.

I have some leftover green spray paint...and am itching to use it..on what? :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


I love roadtrips. I don't usually go too far [max is usually 4-5 hours], but a couple years ago Daniel and I drove to Arkansas. On the way up, we stayed in Dallas, a couple times in Oklahoma, and once in Arkansas. Whenever we saw a sign for something awesome [i.e. Action Figure Museum!] we would exit and explore. I am all for detours.

 So of course, on my drive back from Austin last week, when I saw oh-so many patches of beautiful bluebonnets on the side of the road, I had to stop. Three times!
 It is our state flower for a reason. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

insta-last week :)

i apologize for the tardiness of this entry. here are some instagram shots from my spring break last week. :)

my friend introduced me to these delicious biscuits.

did you celebrate pi day on 3.14?

i tried to decide on a pair of glasses. thanks to everyone who shared your opinion!

roller derby practice.

i won a contest!

DIY glittered my helmet! :)

drove ms. daisy around town

helped D clean up the front room.

and celebrated St. Patty's day with some tights and roller derby. :)

how was your spring break??

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FEISTY #60 inches

This was the best St. Patrick's day ever. I played in my first official bout with my first official roller derby team: The Bayou City Bosses. Though we ended up losing to our 2011 Championship team, the Psych Ward Sirens, it was an incredible experience.
Up until bout day, my stomach was in knots! And Spring Break was not as amazing as it could have been because all week, since returning from Austin, I stressed and stressed about this game! I didn't want to let my team down and I didn't want to let my friends down.
The night before, my team had a Boss dinner and watched The Godfather - which I have never seen [what?!]. We kept referring to certain themes and scenes and characteristics that seemed Bossy. It was a lot of fun and many, many jokes were made. My teammates are some of the wittiest ladies I have ever met. :)
Once the bout day came around and I was out of the house with my gear, snacks, and cameras, everything seemed okay...getting to the venue especially early seemed like it helped more than it hindered.
I also made sure to eat plenty beforehand [but not right before...barf].
All in all I feel like this was a great learning experience. I can't wait to get better and better and better! :)
 Shank [Boss cappy] and KiKi [blogger extraordinaire!] decided to sport "the black hand of Boss." Pretty intimidating, right? :)

Game time!
*a cheesecake is when the opposing team tries to trap a player behind them. it is a kind of strategy.

I am so incredibly thankful for my friends and co-workers who came to the game. And especially my friend that asked for my camera so he could photograph my bout. Yay!
My parents showing up was an amazing surprise! For months they "hmph"ed and huffed whenever I even mentioned a derby activity [you know, parents worry...]. They ended up having a great time! Such a relief. :)

For more information visit Houston Roller Derby. You can read up on our rec league, try outs, and ticket information.
I can't wait for our next bout!
p.s. make sure to visit the Houston Roller Derby blog - my feature went up yesterday!:)