grrfeisty: January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My most recent creation was by request of a teammate. :) Isn't this fabric adorable? Eek!

I present to you: Zombie Zipper Pouches!

because scary is the new cute! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012


i didn't share any of my new years resolutions, but one of them was definitely to cook. notice i didn't even say "cook more." i survive off morning star nukeables, anything daniel decides to whip up, or drive on over to my mom's house for some nomnoms. there's some fruit somewhere in there, too.
but i digest digress. back to SOUP!
i stumbled upon this amazing veggie friendly soup recipe and jotted it down.

Notes: Recommend Morning Star brand Chicken Meal Starters, used vegetarian bullion cubes to make the broth. Crispy tortillas straight out of the quesadilla maker are delicious, but you can also use tortilla chips.

Heat oil in pot and saute onions and garlic. Stir in the chili powder, oregano, cumin, tomatoes, and broth. Boil, then simmer, for 5-10 minutes. Stir in "chicken," lime juice, and corn. Simmer for 10 minutes.
-While your soup is simmering, sprinkle mozzerella cheese into the bottom if your serving bowls. Also add avocado slices.
-Once soup is done, fill bowl, and add more cheese, avocado, and lastly, your crispy tortilla strips and CONSUME. :)
*   *   *

Of the 3 soups I made this week, this was definitely my favorite. :)
I will share the other two recipes soon!

Friday, January 27, 2012

sick day

i recently took a sick day. but not because i wasn't feeling too well. this little lady had injured her back and needed to see a vet.
although i did feel a bit battered this week. so the break did me good, too. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calling February Sponsors

February is going to be a good month.
I will be advertising a bit more and offering a couple giveaways as well!
If you are interested in some feisty ad space - please click here or on the photo.
Thank you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

song of the moment

The song I used in my "year of photobooth" video for 2011 has been replaying in my head since before the holidays.
to be honest, i first heard it on glee - and downloaded their version as well as the original. <3

"We are Young" - by the cast of Glee:

"We are Young" - by Fun

I love both versions! I think the Glee version is more fun [ironically...haha] because of how many different voices sing throughout :)

Monday, January 16, 2012


these are the gems you might see if you follow me in instagram.
i need to remind myself to bust out a real camera every once in while because i am so in love with my phone's's only 8 megapixels, but for a phone...i love it! the depth perception rocks, too.
mytouch slide 4G if you're curious.

i finished reading bruiser by shusterman. very good book :)

had an early birthday celebration with my family <3
[omg deep dish pecan pie!!]

spent some quality time with this lil' lady.
[amazing photos, right? all done by lamp light w/ my phone's camera!]

also spent some time with THIS crazy gal.

ended the long weekend with some early morning dental work. do you get fidgety at the dentist? i i took my ipod, which helped a lot :)

i hope you had a good weekend - especially if it was long <3

p.s. this picture makes me crack up every time!
caption: oh buster, you always gotta win.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

more dystopian obsessions

A few months ago, I wrote about some really good books one might enjoy if they liked the Hunger Games trilogy. So I thought I'd share again. :)
Over the holiday break I read a few books. A friend of mine told me about the Matched Trilogy by Allyson Condie, so I read books 1 and 2. Don't get your hopes up - the third book isn't out yet. :(
These books were difficult to put down and kept me up pretty late. Warning: They are a bit romantic, but hey, some of us don't mind that. ;)

While in Miami, I finished Crossed and was itching for something to read. Somehow I stumbled upon Maze Runner by James Dashner. This book is definitely more male oriented and took a few pages to keep my attention. I was baffled the entire time - there are no clues for the reader as to why these kids might not remember anything from their past or how/why they ended up in the Glade...
I am slightly interested in seeing the movie that I just discovered while searching for this image...

update/// even better!
If you aren't into the little romances mixed into a lot of dystopian novels, you will probably like Maze Runner :) Lots of action!

My most recent read is Legend by Marie Lu [author that graduated from my high school a year after I did!]. I burned through this book pretty quick. It's from two points of view that end up can pretty much tell what is going to happen, but I still thought it was worth it. :)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo an Hour :)


time for arrested development and vegging.
good night :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Peru - in words :)

I had a friend ask me about my experience with high altitudes while traveling around Peru, so I thought I'd share some experiences. :)
 In the group of 6, I was the only fluent Spanish speaker. Although Daniel's Spanish is okay. He has been practicing, and being around my family definitely helps.
We stood out as a group of tourists, of course, but I was surprised and glad that none of the merchants we passed were too pushy. Honestly, it was the kids that were in people's faces the most. I remember two different occasions where children were following either one of the men in our group around, or Daniel's mother. Luckily I looked young enough to NOT be in charge of any of our money or something...and they stayed away :)
The ratio of Dollars to Soles was roughly 1:3 while we were visiting. Most places were cool about you using American money or credit cards, but obviously it was harder in outdoor markets. The ATM machines gave you the option of delivering your money in Dollars or Soles - which was quite convenient.
 During one of our first days in Cuzco, our tour guide took us to am amazing shop where loads and loads of Alpaca goods were sold. One of the employees gave us a brief lesson on Alpaca furs, and how to tell the difference between real and fake. It was pretty simple.  Baby Alpaca fur [not FROM a baby, but the first sheer when the Alpaca is 2 years old] is soft inside and out. Alpaca fur is soft on the outside and a tad rough on the inside. Fake/Mixed fur is rough on the outside and the inside. And a lot of times the outside is brushed to make it softer...but on fake goods you can tell.
I bought yarn for scarves and some SUPER soft baby alpaca socks [as well as gifts for my family].
Our tour guides were glad we visited during the off season. December is the transition between Spring and Summer in Peru. It was a bit chilly sometimes, but usually it was pretty nice weather. I definitely recommend a windbreaker with a hood, or a rain poncho [for Machu Picchu at least]. If you are planning a trip to Peru, the off season is your best bet. Less tourists = better photographs and shorter lines. That's how I feel :)
  In regards to the altitude:
Traveling into and out of Peru....lots of lines. And I use the term "line" quite loosely...When we arrived, there was a MOB trying to make it's way through customs. It took us 2 hours to make our way from the terminal into baggage claim and out of the airport. The driver who picked us up was in shock. Our flight from Lima to Machu Picchu wasn't too bad at all. There was a bit of turbulence on the plane, but nothing too scary. Our tour guide in Lima warned us of the different side effects we might experience once we arrived at Cuzco. I think we were pretty lucky. Daniel and I were a bit feverish the first day, and 3 others were dealing with allergies. The pharmacies in the cities we visited were extremely helpful in dealings with whatever was needed. It was interesting to me that you could buy individual pills rather than a whole box. We all took a nap on the first day, which I found extremely beneficial. Another side effect was breathlessness. Going up a simple flight of stairs left me gasping for air. I felt like I was extremely out of shape! But one also grows accustomed to the thinner air - as I proved to myself during my magical endurance hike. Magical in the sense of my endurance, not in that it was just so amazing and sparkly. haha ;) Also? Don't eat too late at night...digestion is a lot slower up high and you wake up feeling yucky... A lot of people recommend drinking Coca tea to keep your tummy settled. I drank loads because it was good.

Okay, here is a list of recommendations I made while flying back:

General Peru Travel:
Leave enough time between flights in case of a strike
Carry Advil/Tylenol with you
Make sure to keep anti-nausea meds with you if you need them [also available at pharms]
Eat light the first day you are experiencing high altitudes
Neck pillow!
Get ready for LOTS of waiting [bring a book or game!]
Hoard your bottled water
Sneakers or Hiking boots
Shorts and Tights
Massages are cheap
"No gracias" comes in handy
Know SOME Spanish
Watch out for random pee-ers [public urination is quite popular!]
Seafood is DELISH [ceviche...mmm!]
Pisco Sours are the traditional alcoholic beverage
So is ChiCha - but i think some don't have alcohol in them...
Guinea Pigs and Alpaca are popular dishes
Passion Fruit = YUM
Coca Tea is your friend!
Dogs are everywhere - seem well taken care of...don't think they are totally stray.

Carry small bills [some cost 1 sole to use]
Keep a pack of tissues in your bag - you must pay for TP or it is unavailable
Practice your squats before you leave for Peru [some don't have seats!]

That's all I can think of. I also posted a ton of travel tips a while back when Daniel and I hit up Europe.
I hope some of this was helpful to you :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Many of you know that I accompanied Daniel's family on a trip to Peru just before Christmas.
After much, much, sorting...I present to you two albums.

Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu. If you are interested at all:
Album 1

Album 2