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Friday, December 21, 2012


 Last weekend my Roller Derby team had a holiday party
It was a lot of fun! During the off season you sometimes forget how great some people are. :)
 Holiday times! Also, thinking about doing THIS. It's pretty apparent that I am in love with dogs. All of ZEM! Calendar is in the works. Outlook good. :)

 My family and I celebrated Texmas again this year. Texmas is what I started calling our gift exchange before the family trip to Miami. Lessens the luggage load. :)
It consists of my parents, sister, and Daniel. And by the looks of things, tends to be oh-so-much fun. Especially since Sandy made me a fake hand. hahaha

And then we messed around with my new app! Split Cam is hilarious!

 The decorations are finally up! Post 1; Post 2.

 Work antics!! The week before break is ROUGH. Definitely screwed up diet-wise. But I'm not too worried. Like I said, my team is pretty rad. :)

Uh oh! Look who is learning. :)

 Oh, and more work antics. My sister gave me those earrings for Texmas. They are too cool. :)

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. How fun and festive! You're really living a great life. Love seeing the humor and joy in it. Best wishes for the holidays.