grrfeisty: zoo wedding

Monday, November 12, 2012

zoo wedding

I had the honor of being invited to my good derby friend's [intimate] wedding ceremony at the Houston Zoo.

While Smack recited the vows, her voice cracked. It was the sweetest thing.
And I hate myself for almost crying at the sound of it. :)

 My "date," Kiki, is right next to me. Followed by Punch [recognizable from my Atlanta derby post] and her "date," Spite, another sweet derby friend of mine. :)

Some of the Zoo keepers brought out a few animals for a kind of show and tell. The Leopard tortoise, with her little overbite, was adorable and started crawling towards my camera. And, of course, I thought the [great horned?] owl was gorgeous. The poor thing was blind in one eye. Luckily she is being cared for. :)

The tunnel that ran through the piranha tank was a highlight of the evening. Many an instagram came from that sucker.

p.s. for more wedding photos, check out Kiki's latest blog post.



  1. What a cool place to have a wedding!
    Awesome pictures :)

  2. Sweet! My post is coming later today. Yeah for matching posts and blogger dates. :)

  3. That tunnel is awesome. For a second I thought the meerkat cutout was a dude dressed up in a meerkat suit :D

  4. This is AMAZING! What a fantastic idea for a wedding! It seems like it was a blast. I love that tunnel thing, hahaha.

  5. I love this! I work weddings + events at a museum so I totally appreciate when couples use zoos, museums, and other unique venues!