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Thursday, November 22, 2012


One of my Young House Love DIY projects is painting my dining room chairs white. Behr's "Snow Fall" to be more accurate. This involved a lot of sanding, primer, and paint. I'm currently on the painting part...

I learned that primer can be a pain. You need to slather it on pretty quickly because it dries fast and can seriously ruin your paintbrushes. :-/

Also getting painted white? The marble fireplace in the background. Which also invovled a LOT of sanding. And? The green wall in the background of the first photograph. I'm going crazy!
A lot of accent pieces throughout the house are white and I think it will look a lot cleaner to add a bit more. :) *fingers crossed!*

I will post some photos of the finished product soon.



  1. It's white everywhere!!! As long as you don't start painting everything gray and yellow- a sure sign you've been brainwashed by Pinterest. :)

  2. lololol @ the comment above!! very true