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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sodee Pop

If you've been reading by blog for a while, you know how much I adore caffeine. Usually I take it warm [coffee...yummy], but when I was younger, I 'd sneak into the fridge and drink soda straight out of the bottle. Now that I pretend to be I'm a "grown up," I can have soda whenever I please... And every once in a while, I treat myself to a Coke. :)

The other day, a couple friends and I picked up some lunch at Bullrito's, and she and Daniel could *not* stop messing with the soda fountain. A touch screen soda fountain! Apparently it's a new machine called Coca-Cola Freestyle.
My friend and I went back recently for some burritos and pop.

The crazy part? Each flavor of soda has a slew of sub flavors. What whaaat. There are also options other than soda. Once you've had your fill help yourself to water, lemonade, and a few other options. And even those have other flavors, too! :)

These machines are at Firehouse Subs as well as Bullrito's.
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*This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola Freestyle.*


  1. All the Burger Kings around here have them. Peach Sprites are the best!