grrfeisty: Painting Things White

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Painting Things White

When I moved in to my current home, my obsession with greens and browns was out of control. Parts of it still look awesome [to me at least!], but other shades have grown a little too pukey.

I mentioned some projects last week. One of them was painting the fireplace white. It's marble and took a lot of sanding...but I'm really happy with the result. The marble looked a bit outdated.
I'd like to remove the glass doors, too...clean it up a bit, and put some big ol' candles in there.
What are some other [unique] ways to utilize a fireplace that is never used? :)

The biggest puke-green wall has been whitewashed! This took the longest...and the most man-power.

Any ideas for what to do with this wall? I was thinking about some square/rectangle floating shelves?
Chairs are white, too. The one bucket of paint covered the fireplace thrice, chairs 2.5 times, and 2-3 coats on the wall, too. :)

Every day over the break, I did a little bit. Took the whole week! And for as much as I did, it only cost me about $100 from Home Depot: bucket of paint, brush/roller/paint tray pack, spackle, primer, sand paper, and tape.

Things to keep me entertained as I painted? Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the Back to the Future trilogy.
Michael J. Fox on Blu-ray ain't too shabby. :)



  1. I went quite brown crazy when I moved into my current apartment as well! I am definitely feeling some white when I move too!

  2. Painting with TV is the BEST. I always watch weird stuff. Love the new color. Very fresh!

  3. I like the idea of some bright blue (or other bright color - like orange) floating shelves on that wall :) Maybe some sort of canvas/print + floating shelves.