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Friday, November 9, 2012

Insta-Week ATL and back

Insta-Week posts begin with the previous weekend. Therefore, these photographs contain images from my Atlanta excursion and back. :)

The trip was amazing...and extremely inspiring. Just watching all of that TALENT. Over and over in my head, I heard, "I want to do that!"  Make these lil' legs jump!

Along with all the derby stalking watchin' my friends/league-mates and I did, I also met Mary for the first time EVAR.
She's kind of tall. And I am kind of short. :)

 Wanna know something crazy? Other than the fact that I rode in a friend's trunk because there was literally no room inside the car... Mockingjay was being filmed in and around the hotel I was staying in. WHAT WHAT. I should've brought my Katniss outfit in case they needed a stand in. OOPS! :)

 Things my mom supports? My fox addiction [she has purchased two fox sweaters for me thusfar! thanks mom!] and the Republican party. hahaha The text exchange above is from her.
And for the record, I did not vote for good ol' Mittens and his many memes.

Other than gifts from my family that totally made my day, I went to see Laini Taylor talk about her new novel! I'm trying to finish Bitterblue so I can get started. Squee!
I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone a few months ago and wrote about it here. Days of Blood and Starlight is the sequel. Laini was so cool...shared her process and ideas. Interesting stuff.
Oh, AND Daughter of Smoke and Bone is currently in production. So get on that reading biz!

I'll be back soon with photos from the wedding I am attending this weekend - at the ZOO!


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  1. Wait, you didn't actually ride in the trunk, did you?!! For how far? =/