grrfeisty: Insta-Week!

Friday, October 26, 2012


 It's Halloween weekend! Are you excited?? I am planning on posting a few photos of Halloween costumes past next week. It started because I thought my costume this year was pretty lame...but painting my face makes it pretty awesome! I'll have full body shots to share later...when I am wearing something less blue and more...foxy? Don't worry, I'm no skank. :)

 Daniel made his helmet himself! It's papermache and foam board mostly.
I thought he was crazy. It started out as paper cut outs that he glued together. And I'm not talkin' 5 or 6 pieces...intricate labor! The strips look something like this. Daniel had glue on his fingers for days. But you gotta admit...that's some good work! For a 30 year old. ;-)
 I'm not gonna lie, things at work have been pretty stressful this year. But silly events, like "nerd day" brighten things up a bit. And it's true, the outfit above isn't too far off my normal attire... :)

 Speaking of work, I mentioned that a few of us attended a conference in Austin, TX last week. I shared some photos on le blog this week. The first one consisted of my absolute favorite spots for food and sweets. :)
And then there was the day trip to Fredericksburg with Renee.

And my last shots from Austin. :)

Oh, Buster wants to dress up for Halloween, too. She really enjoys it. ;-)

Be safe this weekend! And eat lots and lots of candy....



  1. love the tights with the red polka dots!

  2. Loving the foxy costume, can't wait to see it in full =)