Butter Halves

 Don’t get me wrong, Houston is wonderful. But if a city could be my butter better half, it would have to be Austin. Although maybe if I were to move to the Pacific Northwest, I might change my mind. :)

I am very thankful to my friends that let me crash at their place [post conference]. Visiting my old roomie and her man is always so much fun. While they were at the football game Saturday night I roamed around campus. It was incredibly surreal to take my old routes from dorm to class to the drag. If I had music playing in my ears I would have felt like a student again. I realize I probably looked like a student, but seeing all the kids walking around me, in and out of their dorms, made me feel so old. Y’all, I’m having issues with this looming thirty business…
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Austin photos. [here, and here, too] :)
I recommend you take your own some time. And let me know, maybe I will drive up, too!
Thanks to Renee, Louise, and Karla for having patience with me.
[“um, can you take my peekture??”]



  1. Seriously, you seem like a such a fun person! Just thought I'd throw that out there. 😉

    I've only rode through Austin and Houston, never actually stopped and checked them out. I want to though, next time I'm that way. I hear the thrift stores there are killer. Hahaha

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