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Friday, September 21, 2012


Usually I'd share what I did last weekend as well as this week, but I already did that! Here and here. :)
So enjoy the bits of this lovely week.

 In which I confess my addiction to Stitchfix...
 And Langford Market...
Rainy Monday. And I broke in my new earrings from The Impeccable Pig. So fancy lookin'!

 I decided to keep my Crossfit membership. I really enjoy the workouts. They are relatively quick and extremely effective. My arms still hurt! The Bosses won their bout last Saturday, too. It was pretty rad. <3 p="p">

Open House was this week! So I popped into Daniel's classroom. He looked so fine. ;-)

Open house days are especially long because getting home between work and the event can be pretty difficult. So I gave the pups some extra time in the sun during lunch.

Speaking of extra time in the sun. I've been off campus the past couple days at a training session [during our breaks I step outside to warm up in the sun...]. There was a pretty sweet map of Texas hanging near the entrance. That plus a sweet photo editing app led to this piece of "iphone art."
I call it, "Texas, the world."
Why are we so proud? haha

Got any weekend plans?
One of my dear friends from college is getting married! I expect beautiful photographs all over my instragram this weekend. Check 'em out!


p.s. congrats to MISS ROSE for winning the Dish with Swish giveaway!!


  1. Oooo. I love crossfit! It was a little too expensive for me since I already have a yoga studio I've been going to :). I want all the things! Haha.

  2. I won?! :-D
    EEEEK! Do I need to contact you!

    1. yes please! my contact info is listed above!

    2. i sent my info along! hopefully you received it! ^_^

  3. Love your stitch fix stuff! I need to make a post about my newest fix :)

    OMG, When you posted that pic on insta, I didnt know it was your BF!! lol! I am so embarrassed that I called him hot! I mean, he is, but still! LOL, okay... foot in mouth (officially!)

    xo Teresa