grrfeisty: a boss.

Friday, August 24, 2012 a boss.

 Last weekend Houston Roller Derby had their monthly bout. I jammed on the Bosses for the first time! It was extremely exciting. Until I had to jam for the 2nd time. [haha] Gotta get back in shape, dude!
BUT my team voted me "Breakthrough Star," which completely made my night. Oh, that and winning for the first time this season. :)

 For some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to attend a pedal party the day after my bout. Needless to say, my legs were all screwed up for a couple days. haha

 Back-to-School e-shopping! :)
Including Stitchfix, Shoemint, and Minnetonka!

  Kinda cool thing. On the first day back to work, A) I was awarded the "Golden Eagle Leader Award." Yay math! And B) there were ex-students roaming the building! And by roaming I mean they were assisting teachers with classroom set-up.
It was so great to see their lovely faces. :)
I stole this photo from her instagram account. Click photo go enlarge...and read caption. :)

 Daniel and I spent our last free night for a long time at Movies in the Park at Miller Outdoor Theater.
Pretty and Pink. It was nice. :)

Also! Not sure if you've noticed the updated ad up to the right. FEISTY30 gets you 30% off your INPINK order. Sweet, eh?? Just in time for some back-to-school e-shopping, right? ;)



  1. So much greatness!


  2. That looks like a really fun week! I wish there was a roller derby team here in Calgary!

  3. YAY MORE WALKING DEAD! I can't wait to gossip with you about the series. Currently at #101. You still got a ways to go before you're all caught up though. <3