grrfeisty: Open for Business

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Open for Business

I have a problem with connecting clothing to personal experiences...and it makes it hard to clean out my closet. Whether they were gifted, or purchased on vacation somewhere, I just can't let go.

But I have slowly been creating piles to donate, and piles to put into a "garage sale."
I ended up creating a "Shop My Closet" store with the non-donation items. There are many beautiful items that I simply must part with...including some shoes and vintage inspired jewelry... you should probably take a peek. :)

Use the app below, or visit the full site here.
The shop has it's own tab above, as well. :)


  1. It's always hard for me to part with my clothes too! Especially when they are as cute as yours!

  2. I see so many dresses and skirts that I wish were my size, I just ordered that lovely brooch though!!! I also shared on facebook cause I know some people that will LOVE some of these items!!!


    1. So cute, you have some adorable items in your closet shop! I wish we were the same size (I's be buying it all!)

      xo T