grrfeisty: Insta-Week

Friday, July 20, 2012


Happy Friday, friends!
Here is a glimpse into my happenings of the week.

It began with my returning to the regularly scheduled [summer] program of  gym and roller derby...and then something happened to my lower back. Again. I feel the pain hopefully I can resume my routines next week. :)

 Enjoyed some new beverages, and some old. :)
Kinda weird how many drinks I documented this week....
Zola brand coconut water is delish.
I brought the pumpkin juice back from "Hogwarts." Add some ginger ale and rum and yum!

 Summer vacation = extended puppy time. <3

I have been attending a math conference this week in the downtown area. Daniel loves riding the metro rail, so we have been saving gas money and patience by taking the rail over. It's pretty relaxing not having to drive around traffic filled freeways in the a.m.
Also, since this post, I purchased a couple pairs of flats and have been in the painful process of breaking them in. I always have temporary issues with the heel. :-/

 The daily rain continues. Houston is lookin' mighty green. :)

 And the French lessons continue as well. Once again, I am only learning the most basic of phrases. Sorry to disappoint you future Parisians I will encounter! :)

Hope y'all stay safe and cool this weekend.

I also shared some books I have read and tv shows I have been watching. Feel free to leave me some recs on those posts!


  1. Looks like a productive week! I love the pictures of the dogs. :) What kind of math conference did you go to?


    1. i went to a conference called CAMT [conference for the advancement of mathematics teaching]

  2. Hehe that monster shirt is awesome. What is the white in that picture with the leaves/grass near the end?

    1. those are giant mushrooms! they've been growing like crazy b/c of all the rain. :)

  3. your puppies are awesome! all the photos of them are awesome, and your little monster tee is soooo cute. looks like a wonderful life.

    <3 katherine
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