grrfeisty: Insta-Week

Friday, June 29, 2012


This Insta-Week is brought to you by TRANSPORTATION. I begin with Louisiana and end with Florida. All the in-betweens are home - AKA Texas. :)

Nerdy Thirty Birthday Party.
But I kind of lied, because the photos above are in the T-X. :)

Roadtrip to Baton Rouge for a Houston Roller Derby KnockOuts bout!
 While on said roadtrip, we stopped to pet some baby gators. <3

Between June 19th and June 27th I skated 8 of 9 days. Kind of a record for me.
[had to get some make ups in!]

 D and I spent some quality time together before my departure to Miami. Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? It's a pretty sweet flick by the folks that brought you The Royal Tenenbaums.
 And then of course there is the day I visited Brandi for a new 'do. :)

My Buster hath returned!
The parental units "borrow" her from time to time. :)

 Oh HAIII - summer vacay to see my family in Miamaaai. <3

See? Bright colored house[s] and milk for my many, many, cafe con leches.

have a lovely weekend!


  1. Bring back some guava and cheese pastelitos please!!

    Have fun. :)

  2. How are you not totally exhausted?? Looks like you had an awesome week. I hope you enjoy your vacation. :-)

  3. yay!!! have a blast in MIAMI!!! :)
    See you when you get back to TEXAS!