what i wore – summertime is here!

I don’t know about you, but it. is. HOT. I usually try not to bust out the shorts while I am still this pale, but dang!
Just gotta keep cool somehow. 🙂

Isn’t this a cozy looking top? You may have seen me wearing a similar outfit in the Austin roadtrip post.

Check some more photos [as well as a couple shoe options!] in my guest post over at This Creative Life. 😉



  1. I really love the colour combo of your top! The grey/yellow is so awesome 🙂

  2. Super cute outfit! Hot weather does have some of the most adorable clothing…even for those of us who are super pale 😉

  3. I love the shirt 🙂 I need to get some smart 3/4 lengths or shorts for work – it's going to be seriously too warm in our office when summer gets here properly

  4. I love the shirt, I bought a dress last week the same color combination only it's mostly grey with yellow on top!

  5. Super cute! It IS HOT (also live in Texas) I'm so ready to wear skirts and dresses and am very much in need of shorts!
    I love that top, did you make it? I'm spotting a DIY 😀

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