grrfeisty: road trippin' to renegade atx

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

road trippin' to renegade atx

This past weekend, after my bout, Maria, Will, and I road tripped to Austin, TX. :)
I was kind of bummed that morning and it was a great way to take my mind off things. As soon as I hopped in the car, Maria surprised me with this amazing necklace - totally made my day.
  The drive too Austin is only 2.5 hours - it feels like nothin'! Especially since Will and I went to UT, so we are used to the drive. :)

First stop? Momoko's!

And then?

I am really excited to post photos of my purchases. I have already given the gifts away, but there's still my goodies! ;)

Do you recognize the umbrellas?? Check the side bar ;-)


After a quick bite and some South Congress walking, we hit up a friend's bar  - Workhorse. It is brand spankin' new and extremely chill. Maria practiced her henna while we all sat around drinking beers and hangin' out. And eating. The food is delish! :)

Workhorse Bar - Austin, TX

I totally missed the eclipse :(
And the drive to Houston was freaky without a moon! It was pitch black out there. But we obviously made it home safe. :)
Thanks to Will & Maria for an amazing day trip!


  1. Henna is so beautiful, it looks amazing!!

  2. That Henna is so beautiful! I want some! :) Sounds like you had a really great time! I think I need a road trip soon! :P

  3. IT looks like you had SUCH a fun trip!! I can't wait to see what you bought! :)

  4. Ah what a fun time!!!! Austin always has some of the best events.

    I didn't realize it was that long of a drive from Houston though. Dallas to Houston is give or take 4 hours, while Dallas to Austin is 3 hours for me. Texas, you're way too big. >.<

    1. i want to roadtrip to west texas...but that's like...9+ hours! seriously...HUGE!

  5. Have I said that I totally want to go to Austin before?
    Because I totally want to go to Austin!

    1. PLEASE come to texas! i will TAKE you to austin! ;)

  6. I bookmarked this page so long ago and am finally going to Austin this week... I'll hit up the Workhorse if there's a Roxy special. Is there?! Haha.