grrfeisty: insta-week

Friday, May 25, 2012


This week has been pretty insane at work. I am glad I posted tons of instagram shots over the weekend because my week shots are....weak. har har.
Also - I have been very bad and pretty much quit photo-a-day May. Perhaps I will post a ton one day to catch up. One more week of school/work left! WOOHOO!!

 My weekend started with a trip to the airport. I had an interview to become a "trusted traveler." I pretty much get to skip customs lines now. hooray!
THEN derby bout #3! It was a really exhilarating game to watch. Photos soon.

On Sunday I traveled to Austin with some friends. You can read about it here.

The return to trip to Austin was late at night. I was so sleepy that I crashed at my parents' instead of going home. It was closer. There, I found this gem. Love my mom's vintage Cuba photos. :)

Somehow I found myself with some free time. WEIRD. So Daniel and I went on a last minute "date" of sorts.
To Lovinghut and the dog park! :)

I mentioned being busy at work? Three days were consumed by training. I suppose it will come in useful. Unlike my discovery of a secret bathroom that made for some break time potty WINS. Wait time? ZERO. :) Okay, well I guess that is slightly useful...

 Then I was reminded that the world thinks I am getting old. And so does my mom.


p.s. BLOWFISH SHOES giveaway goin' on!