A Weekend DIY

Obscure shades of spray paint make simple items seem so much more unique. So when I stumbled upon this article about mason jars in Ready Made, I figured this easy project was the best one to try out in my “spare time.”
Do grown-ups [I use that term very loosely when referring to myself, by the way] really have much spare time anymore??
 I happened to have a couple metal stakes from an old vampire killing spree fence. These worked perfectly and allowed for a nice even spray around the jar.
Because house plants tend to turn suicidal in my presence [I swear it’s not my fault…] I opted out of making planters. Instead, I took the jars already in use, and fancied them up. :)
This is an incredibly simple DIY. But sometimes you need to read about or see an idea to even consider trying it.

I have some leftover green spray paint…and am itching to use it..on what? :)



  1. I love the idea of this, i've seen heaps of nice glass jar but never know what to do with them so i leave them or recyle, now i have a new DIY to do for my desk…


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