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Monday, March 26, 2012


How was your week? I really needed a few 25 hour days in there. Or maybe 100 hour days. Yes...that would be nice... :)
Things at work are pretty hectic with benchmark testing coming up. I make a yearly video for the students and teachers to kinda of rev everyone up...but I have been having so many technical difficulties this time around. I finished the video on a Wednesday, and on Sunday night, I was still trying to piece it together. And this is extra on top of what I am supposed to be doing to prepare students and teachers for our new test. Sigh. Okay, I don't talk about work for a rant

 Something that made my day? This piece of art work/jewelry by Reigruche Studio. Love this girl. She has some incredible talents. Especially in the crocheting a beautiful pendant department. <3

Monday was also amazing because I got to visit with a friend and his pups for a couple hours. It was the cutest little photoshoot ever. Photos coming soon. :)

My sister visited last week [it was her Spring Break]. We decided to be silly. :) My mom took the photo of us on the right...we were laughing so hard. And my mom was no help, chuckling just before each shot. :)

A couple friends of mine from work had an extra ticket for the Hunger Games midnight showing. EXCITEMENT. The movie was amazing. YES things were left out and slightly different, but all in all, having read the book 2 years ago, I enjoyed it.

Just before heading out for Dallas and the Clover Cup, I received a couple packages. One being my new glasses! More information coming soon :)

A couple relatives of Daniel came into town. I received a good whoopin' in pool. By both Daniel and his sister. :)

Saturday and Sunday consisted of some sweet Roller Derby action in Dallas, Tx. And Houston placed 1st. :)
I am so glad that I made the trip. I will sleep when I am dead. Or on summer vacation. 


  1. buahahaha that sister picture. incredible.

  2. Wooo sounds like an awesome weekend!!Sucks that I missed you while you were in town. Maybe next time. Were you playing against Assassination City?

  3. LOL that photo of your sister and you!

  4. LOL that photo of your sister and you!