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Thursday, March 22, 2012

insta-last week :)

i apologize for the tardiness of this entry. here are some instagram shots from my spring break last week. :)

my friend introduced me to these delicious biscuits.

did you celebrate pi day on 3.14?

i tried to decide on a pair of glasses. thanks to everyone who shared your opinion!

roller derby practice.

i won a contest!

DIY glittered my helmet! :)

drove ms. daisy around town

helped D clean up the front room.

and celebrated St. Patty's day with some tights and roller derby. :)

how was your spring break??

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  1. i love your glittered helmet! how'd you do that! i would totally consider doing it to mine. i'm currently with the rocktown rollers out of harrisonburg, va! (

    clarissa pains it all ;-)