grrfeisty: DIY: folding a mini book!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: folding a mini book!

when i was in the classroom, my favorite way to assign notes was in a mini book. that way the entire unit's notes were all in one place!
plus, when it comes to math, sometimes you just gotta get creative :)
all you need to create the book is a piece of large construction paper, and scissors. the other supplies are for decorating :)
see? this is what my notes looked like:
these books are so cute and there is so much more you can do with them <3

firstly, you are going to fold your construction paper [long ways] into eighths. in half, in half, in half.
make sure to smooth the edges down real good.

pardon the crazy lighting.
on the creased edge, cut a sliver of paper from the 1st horizontal fold to the last.

and then fold some more!
hold the paper vertically with the hole facing away from you. pull/fold the middle creases outwards as if you are making a plus sign.
flatten and smooth the edges.
 and fold shut.
here is a very short video [0:53] of the process:

try not to get distracted by the cuckoo clock action in the background :)

all the cutting and folding adds an extra page to your super fun book! :)
time to decorate!

yay pup friends!
i used my polaroid pogo to print photos from my phone. the picture has an adhesive backing, so you can just stick them right in :)
that's what she said.
what will you make your book about?


  1. I don't really get the last time you fold..

    1. not sure if you saw my comment, but i appreciate your feedback! i added a video to [hopefully] clarify things!

  2. thanks, jolien! i added a video after i received your feedback. that step was a little unclear :)

  3. Too cute! Might just have to make one of these as a little scrapbook for my senior prom that's about to come up :D
    xo Heather

    1. it was my creative outlet in the classroom :D

  4. this is so cute!! i made something like this, but with cardstock and regular printer paper. more of a journal, i guess. but yeah. "puppy friends" ... ADORBS.

    1. yay! i used the construction paper just to make it a tad bigger :)

  5. I just found your blog today and I *love* it.
    These mini books are awesome, I like them for zines! :) Keep up the awesome blog.. I'm gonna scroll through your archives like a freak now. <3

    1. awesome! that is a great idea! and thank you so much! i have been working' pretty hard at it lately :)