grrfeisty: insta-weekend

Monday, January 16, 2012


these are the gems you might see if you follow me in instagram.
i need to remind myself to bust out a real camera every once in while because i am so in love with my phone's's only 8 megapixels, but for a phone...i love it! the depth perception rocks, too.
mytouch slide 4G if you're curious.

i finished reading bruiser by shusterman. very good book :)

had an early birthday celebration with my family <3
[omg deep dish pecan pie!!]

spent some quality time with this lil' lady.
[amazing photos, right? all done by lamp light w/ my phone's camera!]

also spent some time with THIS crazy gal.

ended the long weekend with some early morning dental work. do you get fidgety at the dentist? i i took my ipod, which helped a lot :)

i hope you had a good weekend - especially if it was long <3

p.s. this picture makes me crack up every time!
caption: oh buster, you always gotta win.


  1. Bahahaahah that photo of you & Buster is awesome. & you look SO adorable in the photo for your early birthday celebration! (Happy early birthday, by the way!) :)

  2. I'm going to the dentist today as I have a hole in my tooth :(

    Going to take my ipod and attempt not to sing along while in the chair lol. Then again might take photos from the chair lol.

  3. I love the last picture! Who made it the longest without eating the treat? ;-)