grrfeisty: November 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

queen of apology

a couple weeks ago daniel and i went to see the sounds at fitzgerald's. the first time we saw them, a couple years ago, the opening bands were hilarious and amazing. [see: foxy shizam and semi-precious weapons]. foxy featured extremely animated band members, with a very high jumping lead singer. weapons was all about the transvestite lead singer - who even had a costume change on stage. we were quoting this guy for weeks. :)

the show we recently saw was a bit low key. i enjoyed the limousines. a two man band. not as entertaining as the last openers we saw, but really good music - and covers :)

daniel and i actually enjoyed the limousines a tad more than the sounds performance. i feel like once you see one show you've seen 'em all. i didn't like maja strutting out with a cigarette in her mouth the first time, and i didn't like it this time. whatever. she is still extremely adorable...and those legs! :)

i will always have a special place in my heart for the sounds. even if i'm kinda bored with the live scene. <3

before i ever went to a sounds concert, i made this video. hello 2006 roxy. can you come back??

Monday, November 28, 2011


this song gets stuck in my head with every visit. and then i start thinking about the oc [ahhh adam brody <3]
i accompanied my parents to california for my uncle's wedding. the visit opened my eyes a bit. i also bonded with a part of my family i don't often see, hung out with my parents, and got some decent shut eye :)

thanks cali - i will be back!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

someone's little sister

i don't visit my family in california often enough. i wish that weren't the case. every time i do visit, i discover new tidbits from my dad's past - things that have no doubt molded him into who he is today.

something i've known for quite some time now, is that i am someone's little sister.

two years before i was born, my mom had a stillbirth. i have known women who have miscarried, and i realize it's an extremely unfortunate and upsetting event, but whenever i think of the pain my parents must have gone through...
she carried this child for 9 months, and up until his birth day, all was fine. i remember she told me once that on the morning of her c-section, she felt like something was wrong.

i often wonder what it would have been like to have an older brother.
would we have been close? would we have played video games? freeze tag? sports? would he have been the black sheep? the weirdo of the bunch? cool? would he have a family now - kids? a dog [or 2 or 3]? would i be an aunt? would i still have my little sister? how would things be different? would.

visiting his tiny little grave is sad. i never knew him, only knew of him. i have only seen photographs - he was before my time. i hate to think of how horrible it must have been to arrive at the hospital, so proud, expecting their first baby - a boy! ...and leaving empty handed, empty hearted.
i can only hope that my sister and i have made them happy. as a kid, i used to joke [before discovering of my almost brother] that i was the son my father never had. my sister is a brilliant dentist-to-be, and me - though i didn't turn out to be the lawyer or engineer they hoped for - i think i am a decent human being. i hope that is good enough.

and i hope baby oscar is making a difference somewhere.

my apologies for such a sad little post. traveling with my parents to california, where our family began, always leaves me full of thought.

Friday, November 25, 2011

warrior dash! via 35mm

 almost a week ago, i participated in my first ever Warrior Dash. a couple friends encouraged me to go, and i'm really glad i did. we arrived about 40 minutes early, grabbed our shirt and "warrior helmet," i strapped a waterproof disposable camera to my wrist, and we dashed away!
okay i didn't run the whole time. the first mile or so was without obstacles, so that was easily jogged, but my friends and i wanted to stay together, especially for the obstacles. :)

 the muddy parts were the most fun! i was cracking up as everyone slipped and slid around. whether it was the thick mushy stuff that people got really stuck in - i mean REALLY stuck [i watched a girl struggle for 15 minutes!], or the really slippery, watery type was hilarious.
 most of the obstacles involved climbing. the photo above is probably the most difficult obstacle i would involved the most upper body strength [my weakness], but i made it over :)
 one of my favorite moments was the communal shower area - that consisted of pretty darn cold water coming out of a really large hose.

i ran out of film before the finish line. :( see THIS photo for the real deal!

afterwards we used our free beer token to redeem our beverages, bought some food and souvenirs, and sludged back to my friend's car. there, we changed into cleaner clothes and hit the road!
[see THIS photo for some hilarious dirty undies!]

halfway back we stopped for some dairy queen blizzards, because we deserved a delicious reward :)

i can't wait to do the warrior dash again :D

here's a youtube video to help you picture this event:

note: there was no fire [hello texas drought] and there was no waist high trudging [hello texas drought] - but you get the gist :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

finger tip to painted lip

I don't wear lipstick. But I do enjoy lipgloss...mostly lip balm. Of which I have three favorites :)

i discovered funk off through my lovely e-friend, meesh. this is my favorite night-time lip balm. my lips wake up silky smooth!

i purchased my first lip balm from lip glosserie last year, at austin craft riot's holiday show. and i bought another one this year. :) the yummy "flavors" are my favorite!

this is my most recent discovery at the austin craft riot holiday show. feto soap's lip balm is a bit firmer [kinda like burt's bees] - allowing for a smooth application. and the peppermint "flavor" leaves a cool sensation on the lips. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

the itch

in the next few months i will be traveling quite a bit:
a very brief trip to california,
visiting my sister in dallas,
becker family trip to peru,
my annual holiday venture to miami,
and a 2nd annual snowboarding trip to colorado.

my childhood involved a lot of moving. a. lot. i wasn't an army brat, but my dad worked for an oil company. we moved between california, texas, florida, and saudi arabia about 10 times. i went to 3 different schools for 2nd grade alone. thank goodness for my sister.
my parents stopped moving when i was 11 years old. i'm not complaining. i loved all the moving.  yes, it was sad to leave, but it was also exciting to arrive.  i was lucky.  and you'd think 11 years old would be young enough to wipe away the itch...but alas. i'm beginning to think it was inherited.

if i didn't love my family so much, and love being near them, and enjoy my job, and friends, and extra-curriculars [hello, derby <3]...i'd want to move, start over in another country, learn new languages, customs, ways to get around...le sigh.

darn that pesky itch.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

breaking dawn part 3??

tee hee i fooled you. but seriously, this clip from ellen, featuring the entire twilight cast, made me laugh out loud at all of the awkwardness. :)

"i'm on a completely different team." hahahaha
btw, have you seen breaking dawn part 1 yet? i have NOT! but i am so excited!! ahh!!!

p.s. why am i watching so much tv/internet tv lately?!?

Friday, November 18, 2011

voice crush

he's done it again :)

to be honest, i was a bit slow getting into this season of glee - but it's actually a lot better than i expected.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

in my very late night free time

i enjoy watching [recorded] tv :)

this one was a accident that i am trying out :)
because i love the oc and i love the south. AND jaime king looks way better with straight teeth. tee hee.

any recommendations??

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

holidays :)

i know i haven't mentioned my shop in a while, but it's still up and running!

 new item! it's not in the shop yet, but will be. my friend will calls it a HIPster :)
super cute and sturdy zipper pouch for your hip! [good for skating, biking, etc]

also new - holiday ornaments :)

i will let you know when my feisty little store is updated in case anyone is interested!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Austin Craft Riot

If you live in Austin [or the surrounding area] you should definitely consider coming out to the
Austin Craft Riot Holiday Show :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

fake foodie

 my parents invited some friends over for lunch last weekend. i enjoyed plenty of delicious food :)


 the lovely chef, herself :)

what is your favorite part about visiting home??

Friday, November 4, 2011

these boots

when i was in search of boots for my katniss costume, i made sure to purchase a pair i liked enough to wear again...and boy, do i ever :)
i'm not as depressed as i look :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pups, pumpkins, and...and...

Last Halloween, Buster dressed up real pretty for me :)

This Halloween I gussied up the labs and Mya, a friend's dog who I often puppysit.

Between knocks I worked on my Bossy pumpkin:
 I never shaved [I'm not sure that's what it's called...] a pumpkin before - only ever carved. But it was just like making a stamp. I even used my stamp carving tool :)

The best part of the night was this trick or treating scene:

::Sam runs to the door barking::
::girls screaming outside::
::i run to the door, hollering at Sam to hush::
little girl: "Is there a DOG in there???"
me: "There are THREE dogs in there!"
little girlS: "AHHH!!!!!"