grrfeisty: July 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Literally! My sister is super sweet and bought me this fox hat because it reminded her of me :)
I love the busted eye! I can't wait until winter. Also? I want to visit Colorado again just so I don't have to take it off. <3

You might recognize this photo...but I had to share it again :)
<3 <3 <3

p.s. can you spot vampire osa??

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Winner Giveaway

One of my July sponsors is a very awesome friend of mine. Renée and I met at an Austin Craft Riot event and discovered that we have kind of a lot in common. We are both members of an Etsy organization, derby girls, our initials [RRR + RR!], and obsession on the internetzzz :)
Make sure you read how to enter at the very bottom of this post!

Renée's giveaway has TWO winners, and I am a big big fan of the prizes!

The first giveaway package includes a RoboRoku Cupster the Cupcake Planner AND your choice of T-shirt!
This adorable merch is worth over $30! I have my own planner [in the roller girl design] and it's got the cutest illustrations on each page. There's room for your lists, notes, etc. LOVE IT :) Plus I bought a t-shirt for my sister a couple months ago and she loves wearing that cute little cupcake around school!

*       **                  **            *          ***

our second giveaway package is sponsored by This Creative Life. Up for grabs is one of my favorite accessories - the tea time ring! AND a mix tape badge! Because how can one enjoy a cup of tea without some sweet tuneage?
These amazing items are valued at over $15! I have my own tea time ring - two actually - and people are constantly commenting on how unique it is :)

Leave a comment below with
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The Giveaway is open from July 29th until August 5th - that's one week! And you have plenty of different ways to enter. Hooray for double winners!! :)

Good Luck!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Presenting the Lovely July Sponsors

This was my first month with sponsors and they have been wonderful! Please show them some love and visit the links they've shared below. :)

Reigrüche Studio
reigrüche is an independent artist with a BFA in Painting and is particularly fascinated by color + repetition in portraiture and jewelry.  You can find a variety of one-of-a-kind expressions of time, humor, and love at Reigrüche Studio!

The Scribbles of the Girltaristhan
Hey I’m Hannah from the UK I also go by Hannie. I blog, take photos and recently started my own Etsy store – I sell knitted bits and homemade candles.
Twitter: girltaristhan
Website: rockangel

 RoboRoku&This Creative Life
Hello! My name is Renée and I live in Austin, TX. I am Co-President of Austin Craft Riot (formerly Etsy Austin), I play roller derby and run three businesses called Robo Roku, This Creative Life, and Lil' Pancake. I create fun accessories, apparel, art and websites for a living and tweet a lot.

Robo Roku: 
Facebook: fanroboroku
Twitter: roboroku

This Creative Life: thiscreativelifeblog 
Facebook: thiscreativelife 
Twitter: tweetrenee

A Bit of Something Sweet
We are besties and former roommates, we met while attending college & studying costume design. After graduation we moved far away from each other but still remained close. We both share a love for vintage and sewing.
Twitter:   linds_ywithane

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pup sitting :)

I have been dog sitting this sweet little ball of love for a while.
We used to be roomies so we get along fine. She and Osa enjoy biting each other's faces off - in the most loving of manners of course :)
It was her daddy's birthday while he was out of town - so we sent him this photo.


p.s.! august sponsorship is now being offered
p.p.s.! supah sweet giveaway coming this friday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

august ad space up for grabs :)

if you'd like to sponsor for the month of august, or any other month,
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what i wore to work...extreme casual

i previously mentioned that i have to go in to work a few times over the summer. the other day i went in...the building was practically empty! and since i knew this would be the case, i didn't bother dressing up :)
oh, this isn't at work. this is at borders beforehand :)
 this is at work. see all the math books?? :)
and the creepy i really don't wanna be here smile.....

 my favorite part of this entire super casual outfit is the shorts.
you may also remember seeing them here and here.
while i was in miami i borrowed my cousin's shorts and never took them off...until my last day :(
and then i went out and bought my own!
i love love love the length and fit! if you have issues with your shorts riding up, i highly recommend bullhead slouch fit shorts.
p.s. i have to go in to work today, too :(

Monday, July 25, 2011

happy birthday to my super amazing and brainy soon-to-be-dentist seeester!!
now watch this short video featuring snadycakes and her inability to tell a funny story :)
once upon a time, roxy was a very evil child. she would tell her younger, extremely trusting, sister, sandy, little lies in order to protect herself....
for example. while on a roadtrip, roxy crumbled some crackers, and put them in sandy's underwear.
sandy: "i'm telling!!"
roxy: "wait! this magic chain will take the crumbs out like a magnet!"
[i found an old chain in back of the truck, where we are riding, because, yes, some stereotypes are true! don't worry, it had one of those detachable roof tops. and? and intercom system!] 

and thus begin the adventures of Captain Crumble Crotch!

Friday, July 22, 2011

the four eyed pup

I am quick to admit...Osa is the least trained member of this household. When you've trained 2 dogs to be amazing [ya i said it!], you get kinda lazy with the 3rd.  Isn't this the similar to parenting? haha ;)

Osa is almost 2 years old - supposed adult-hood! And I have definitely noticed how she's grown out of her awkward pup years into her more chiseled adult features :)

And although Osa is no Buster, she will humor her momma...every once in a while.
 what a babe ;)


there's no denying...i love my heels. since graduating from college and getting real jobs, i have vastly expanded my shoe collection...
especially since working in schools, where the 7th graders are taller than you? yep - time to strap on the stilts!

and now, a video that maria and i obsessed over in '07.
give it a minute to break into song....and beware of extreme cussing at 3 minutes :)

oh my gah. shoes.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

hitting drills

notice, this is NOT what i actually look like when i am in my skates.
a few "freshies" and myself went to rec league practice recently. we love going to rec practice [and were members until the beginning of may when we became "fresh meat"] - it's always a blast.  i have a few friends i hang with when i go, and there are always amazing retired skaters visiting...that intimidate the crap outta me...but still - so fun :)
 THIS is what i actually look like in my skates....a midget covered in padding. bahaha
anyways, my sister was in town and tagged along with her camera. first off, this made me completely nervous! and to top it off, i felt utterly lame during warm ups! dang all the jumping sandy and i did 2 days prior... BUT here are a couple videos she took while we practiced hitting drills :)

in this first video, my friend bustin beaver completes her first hit before i skate out.

as i have mentioned several time before...hitting is a skill i desperately need to work on. i feel like i can do the drills fine, but when it comes to hitting while in a just doesn't cross my mind until i hear someone yelling it from the sidelines! isn't that strange? i am so focused on blocking and absorbing/dodging hits, i can't remember to do them myself!
i will admit, though, that i have drastically improved in regards to hitting intensity...for my size, i think i surprise some folks!
a couple of us overheard someone last week saying that it takes a year and a half for a skater to be really good. i have quite a ways to go!
wish me luck <3!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what i didn't wear to work...because it's summer ;)

i am sorry for the crummy photographs! my favorite shot is the first :)
the sale section of urban outfitters is amazing. i can always find at least one hidden goodie!
which in this case, is a super soft skirt that i can wear to work! my shirt is an [extremely old] u.o. purchase as well! those tees are my fave.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

miami, florida part 3

Graffiti Heavy! And also AWESOME heavy :)

My cousin was driving Daniel and I around downtown Miami when we entered Midtown. I recognized the area because I went there for part of my "photoshoot" [sounds so fancy!].
At first I was just taking photos from the car, but then I started demanding freedom! We ran in and out of the car for pictures - some in sketchy looking areas.  This was definitely a new and fun activity for me in Miami!
Exploring is my favorite! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

seesters ;)

click on each for full size frames.
sandy and i enjoy being goofy.

also - i recently discovered the pocketbooth app - IN LOVE.
too bad i don't have an iphone...i'd use it all the time!!
but then you might get sick of me...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

miami, florida part 2

My cousin's itty bitty wedding ceremony!
Before the big sha-bang in the Dominican Republic next month!
Those cupcakes were a sugary pit of awesome. Pit? YES.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Running of the Bulls - NOLA

tutu made by swish productions :) 
Bulls are supposed to wear red. I wasn't sure I was going to get my red shirt on time so i made my own.
 The runners, or "matadors" had to wear white with a bit of red.

For those of you who are unfamiliar...I briefly explained the July 9th, 2011 Running of the Bulls here. But you can also skip around this vidoe clip:
If you look real hard around 3:24 you can see me by the pole in the top left corner of the screen. I was taking photographs and video footage. hahaha

Ohhhh..I had SOO much fun! And wacked my bat real hard!  It was hilarious to see people jumping up in surprise when I hit them - remember, they signed on for this! Afterwards was pretty amazing, too.  People would come up to my friends and I and ask for a picture. How rad is that?! And you bet I made my feistiest face for 'em! ;)