grrfeisty: April 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last weekend i volunteered at Discovery Green's Earth Day Festival. I went with some Roller Derby ladies....and it was really fun. :)
yes...i finally decided to stick w/ "grrfeisty" for my skater name. it's who i am!
and my number? 60 inches. [my height!] hahaha
Hope y'all are having a lovely weekend!

p.s. did anyone else cry thursday night? goodbye steve will be missed!!!

here's an awesome clip from 2 weeks ago.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

voice crush + song crush

so last week's episode of glee was kind of.....yawnsville. but last night the warbler's sang one of my favorite songs! and you don't really hear keane on the it kinda felt personal.
haha sigh, the secret it out.

plus darren criss...way hotter than tom chaplin [lead singer of keane] ;)

and also :)

things i wear to work...h&m edition :)

i also got a new bag. ruh roh. shouldn't splurge :(
do not be fooled, i usually dress like this on weekends. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

things i do for work

so i've been tweeting about this thing called a "taks video." the TAKS test is the benchmark test students take here in TX [although it's changing to STAAR next year]. i make "motivational" videos for the students...
here's the latest:
[sorry about the's a huge file and it's on youtube! too big for vimeo...].

schmeeeaasterr part 2!

i saw these babies at h&m while i was in indiana - how awesome?!
every little skirt i wore in the 90s was either attached to some shorts or i'd put some spandex shorts underneath :)
 dang i kinda wish i bought a couple extra...
oh by the way, i posted the acrylic necklaces for sale in the SHOP!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

schmeeeaasterr part 1!

captain dorkwad!!

 i mentioned attending league practice in a previous post...
i took a fall and almost landed on my bad knee, so i threw my hip down instead.
anyway, i checked my bruise today because it was pretty small the first night.
it got bigger!

Friday, April 22, 2011

outdoor skating :)

the streets around my parents neighborhood are a lot smoother than mine :)
so i accompanied them on a walk earlier this week.
i practiced rotating between backwards and regular skate...ahhh it was great!
 oh hey feisty parents :)

after these photographs were taken i attended our regular rec league practice tuesday night and then league practice  [with the hardcore roller derby girls!] on wednesday. thank GOODNESS i practiced skating backwards...we did a really fast drill that involved the rotations. woo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

indy with a Y

if you follow my tweets, you may have noticed i was in indianapolis for a math conference last week :)
i don't have many photos from the actual conference
[lucky you!!]
but here are some photographs from around a city that surprised me with it's coolness!
 this is on the airplane. the woman next to me had an "emotional support" service dog.
i didn't mind because i LOVE dogs...but seriously? haha

 i met up with the lovely erin from eef-ink :) mmm such a good time at the red lion!

 conference roomies - tasha and i...we're at rival schools but we get on great :)

ok here's a tiny bit of math stuff!! :)
i loooove foldables!
 dorkout time!
this photo is kinda trippy! haha

things are pickin' up at work and in preparation for renegade. eep!
wish me luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

new product #2! :D

ok so i am more in love with my fox now than evah!
but i need your opinion....
i wanted to order it in a different color/style. what do you think??

Friday, April 15, 2011

roller derby action shots!

so i do all this talking about derby, but rarely show a single photograph :)
as previously mentioned, my sister came to a "crash course" this past saturday.
i'm glad she didn't get any photographs of me falling :) hahaha
black team befor scrimmaging.
look for the shortest girl....haha

 we played in smaller packs because there weren't enough girls from rec league or in full gear.
"crash course" was open to all who are interested in trying out.

jammer [star on helmet]. shortly after this photo was taken i cut the track [&ate it!]. boooo!

blocker. either running to help the jammer or trying to knock out the opposing jammer. can't recall...

that is all :)
i've never seen photos or video or me skating. i feel like all i am is a pile of pads. hahaha

Monday, April 11, 2011

sister dear

 my sister came into town this weekend. i only got to see her saturday :(
BUT she came to a derby practice event [and made me super nervous! haha]
i will post a couple photographs she took soon.
 reppin' ;)

post family dinner cafe con leche ;)
[hair twirling ALWAYS included!]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how to take a puppy photo :)

please visit mary rebecca's blog to read my little guest post :)
and leave her a comment if you enjoyed it!
thank you!!
xoxo roxy

p.s. a few months ago i did another tutorial

Monday, April 4, 2011

middle school sewing club

 because of standardized test season, sewing club has been on a bit of a hiatus! hopefully we'll start back up soon...
here are a couple photos of some of their projects.
and one of the girls made me a real cute bracelet :)
and i'm currently trying to finish this monkey for a friend.
the end :)