grrfeisty: February 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011


1. upon opening a box of chocolates, i search for the raspberry filled pieces first. :)
2. i had two very bad hair dying experiences, so for about 4 years now i've been collecting wigs.
3. when my hair is "untwirlable" [i.e. up, dirty, or wavy] i have a very bad habit of picking at my face&scalp.
4. i love photographing old fences.
5.  i chew the inside of my cheeks while i'm driving and/or thinking hard.
6. my voice used to be classically trained.
7. i'm self conscious about photographing my hands.

Friday, February 25, 2011

things i wear to work + neon cuppycakes!

first off!
HUGE thanks to everyone that commented, tweeted, facebooked, or just communicated with me in general about a skater name. i was leaning towards a fox related name, but everyone's enthusiasm over texas hitstrument [my # would totally be TI-83] has me kinda leaning in that direction.
BUT i am still open to any other suggestions!
seriously though. totally appreciate y'all. :D

i actually have fun jumping on the bandwagon doing these little outfit posts. haha ;)
i'm not a stylish person, but sometimes a kid will ask if they can raid my closet and i'm like hmm...
i'm talkin' about a girl who is about a foot taller than me...maybe i should tutor her in the math behind why that wouldn't work?

i bought these tights at target...and they are kinda long. but i LOVE them.
and to be quite honest, i wear them to roller derby, too - between washes of course :)
oh, and the dress i bought in rome this summer. sigh..such wonderful clothing in rome...
even if i totally complained about the summer crowds, heat, and overall confusion!

also, one of my most amazing friends [who is also a coworker!] had a birthday this week.
so i made cupcakes!
happy birthday, mattyk ;)

p.s. quote of the week:
"we had to write you a letter in ms. naylor's class so we went to to research our subject."
i'm so glad i still get to interact with the kiddos :D
[and that i keep my blog super clean! ha!]

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

derby names....revisited

seriously??? how do i NOT have a skater name yet??
i can't decide if i should go for something cute or something semi-tough...
i've decided to try to work in the word "fox" or something about the internet/blogging.

photoshop doesn't have a superscript option!
that should read Πr2
**i added foxxy love after i made this image... :)

i've had so many good suggestions..but nothing seems to stick. 
if you think of anything please leave me a comment. i am stuck!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

finger cramps

maria and myself are sharing a booth at renegade handmade this year :)
i attended last year and made it a goal of 2011 to be ready enough to apply for renegade handmade. thanks to some extra motivating from maria, we applied together and got in :)
this will be the biggest show i have ever done. so nervous!
BUT i am super excited to meet a whole bunch of crafters and possibly some e-friends!
on an even dorkier note, i'm kind of excited about choosing my outfits for the shows. haha!
toodles poodles!

p.s. anyone else creeped out by the sight of my bare legs??
where are the tights?!

Monday, February 14, 2011


no valentine's day plans, but i did get a super cute surprise in the mailbox!
 daniel got home before me and stuffed him in there. haha too cute.
back off, osa!

how was your heart day?

p.s. i am still sore from snowboarding!

p.p.s. please take 30 seconds to vote for my cousin.
winning this wedding contest would help them out SO much.
thank you :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

home again rose

ahhhhh....i had such a blast in winter park, colorado!
i went snowboarding at mt. hood exactly 3 years ago to the weekend with a friend of mine from college.
this time around i remembered some of the things i learned and did so much better!
 i recommend you check this link for way more photographs :)
 but dang am i sore! let's see if i can convince D to give me an early Valentine's day backrub. hahaha
have a happy heart day, y'all! ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

austin, friends, and foodies

i visited austin from sunday to monday [math conference - yay!]. i was able to catch some of my friends before they left town. one of them is diana.

we tend to bond over our [lack of] height :)

i spent the rest of the day at a park, and then hanging out with some old austin friends :)

i used to live with weezy in a teeny TINY jester dorm room.
oh the memories :)

renee came by, too!

i spent monday at a TASM conference at the hilton in austin. it was niiiiice.
free wifi is also nice when you use your breaks to play words with friends :)

then a grabbed a yummy bubble tea with renee and drove 2.5 hours to houston.

p.s. please take 30 seconds to vote for my cousin.
winning this wedding contest would help them out SO much.
thank you :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

things i wear to work :) [+ WINNER]

some of my co-workers comment on the way i dress. so i figure if they find my outfits entertaining, maybe my blog friends will?

you might recall this recent post, and this not-so-recent post.

see all those glorious math books in the backdrop? :)
i work at a middle school,
so i hear a lot of interesting things in the hallway...
some kids commented on how they only liked one leg, and others wondered how i was able to get two pairs of tights on.
i even heard one student say, "they're so weird, but i like them!"
of course i turned around and said, "you're face is so weird!"

on that silly note - WINNER!!!
 congrats lizzie!
thanks to everyone that entered! i really enjoyed getting some outfit ideas ;)
skinny jeans seem popular! woohoo!

p.s. please vote for my cousin. they could really use the wedding helps!

p.p.s. i'm gonna pretend that my head only looks huge b/c a really tall person took the photo above :) 

p.p.p.s. i bet my co-workers are laughing at me for making this post. whatever! i'm going to colorado, beotches!! ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

a teeny tiny favor? :D

meet my cousin ely.
she used to date big fat jerk faces.

and when she started dating javi i was hesitant about accepting him because i assumed he was a big fat jerk.
  luckily i stopped assumicide. i think i called a hotline or something.

he ended up being kind of neat-ohhh.
especially when he acted like a goof a couple months ago!

go vote for my cousin and her awesome fiance [who i already consider family!].
thank y'all very very much. :)

you can click the screen cap, too! :D

dang you hot glee boy

those warblers keep me comin' back for more ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

cuppycakes and travel plans

 earlier this week i made some cupcakes for my co-workers.
 do the colors look familiar? ;)
i've got some big plans this week!
Today [Sunday] - Monday I will be in Austin for a conference.
I return to Houston Monday night and 2 days later I am off to Winter Park, Colorado!

Many, many glorious pictures to come!

Friday, February 4, 2011

sweet friends and sweet mail :)

sometimes i think i am undeserving of such awesome friends.
 thank you, aida. for thinking of me when you saw this amazing tee ;)
i miss you :(

 thank you, renee. you are one of the sweetest and sincerest people i know :)
and i am lucky to actually know you, too ;)

y'all two be patient with me :)
gifts will be sent in return!

*        *      *       *         *      *
do you want a chance at some super fun mail?!
don't forget to enter my giveaway! ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a semi-VDAY giveaway ;)

in all honesty, i don't celebrate valentine's day. my most memorable <3 day was when daniel and i went to our favotite sports bar [christian's tailgate!] and watched a rockets game/graded papers. :)
BUT that doesn't mean i don't like to look like i celebrate valentine's day!
 as the years have passed i have started trying out flashier versions.
it's fun :)

and it is what i am giving away!
if you live in the states, you will receive your package in time to for valentine's day :)
international readers - it's okay! this color combo is cute any time of the year!
[who says you have to wear red??]

up for grabs, your very own pair
[NOT the pair i'm wearing!]
of pink&purple american apparel, two toned hosiery. ;)

aaaaand a feisty little surprise from me :)

you must:
1. follow my blog :)
2. leave a comment...what is your favorite outfit?
i like wearing a small cardigan, skirt/dress, tights, and heels to work :)

EXTRA entries!!
Please leave an additional comment PER entry.
1. tweet! about the giveaway [and link me] for 2 additional entries.
[optional: "check out @grrrfeisty 's giveaway!"]
2. grab the giveaway widget [and link me] for 2 additional entries.
 3. blog/facebook/mention of the giveaway somewhere [and link me]
4. Follow me on twitter
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GIVEAWAY ENDS Wednesday FEBRUARY 9th at midnight!
pay close attention for the winner...i'd like to get this super awesome item to you by V-day! ;)