grrfeisty: January 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011


today i worked away from work. i had to do some observations elsewhere. it's so nice getting home a bit earlier than usual. there is more time to enjoy the sun :)
even if too much sun means neon grass. yeesh!
time for some shade.
new shoesies ;) the bottoms are supposed to get dirty, right? :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

impromptu...things i wear to work

so this past weekend i went a little crazy at american apparel...

 [and definitely tweeted about these :) ]
crazy in the socks/tights aisle :)

and i can't wait to wear them on <3 day! even if daniel and i don't really celebrate it...

um...if you care...
dress: boutique in barcelona, spain
hose: american apparel
maryjane platforms: guess brand on amazon

p.s. my mom took these photographs as she was leaving...apologies for the tacky garage door backdrop ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

i'm not gonna lie.

most of my weekend consisted of laundry. haha at least that's what it feels like!
you know you have too much crap when you can go 2 months without doing any laundry.
BUT, for the record, i wear a lot of old clothes. i'm not a shopoholic - i promise!
a very near and dear friend of mine took me to breakfast this morning.
if you live in Houston and have never eaten at Baby Barnaby's, you are INSANE.

last night, i volunteered, with etsy houston, at a screening of Handmade Nation.
it was quite fun. AND i met Ginny. ;)

and other than guitar hero with some real fun co-workers, that is all :)

hope y'all had a great weekend! back to the grind!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


i wanted to take one photograph an hour on my birthday [like i did on daniel's birthday a couple years ago], but i ended up being a bit more overwhelmed than expected! so here are a few photographs of my day :)
 daniel woke me up to a super amazing french toast breakfast :) i ate it while replying to some super sweet birthday wishes.
when i arrived at work, a couple co-workers [one just HAPPENS to be my BFF!] were decorating my office. :) i played the creep-oh and photographed them unknowingly ;)
the streamers are still up. they're too pretty :)

 i tutored some students...which is always refreshing now that i'm not in the classroom much.
then there were a couple meetings...
look where i get to go soon! yay!
and received the bestest surprise when people started showing up to our PLC [planned learning community] meeting with loads of food and drinks.
maybe i'm just slow or naive...or something!...but i didn't think about a beautifully decorated room coming with a party. my co-workers are awesome! and they are great friends and i am so lucky :)

the glorious day ended with my parents taking daniel and i out to eat. :)
they are swell. one of my presents was guitar hero 5...and i'm obsessed again. haha
guitar hero 3 was all i played my first year teaching...the cycle continues!

thank you SO much to everyone that sent me a birthday message [ or told me in person ;) ].
i really really appreciate it. there are so many amazing people in my life and i am incredibly lucky.

<3 i think i can stop having birthdays now. no more aging please :)

p.s. last year around this time....

Monday, January 17, 2011

a year of photobooth in about 3 minutes.

shot using my macbook and imac between mid january 2010 - mid january 2011
music: welcome home by radical face

[this is actually quite interesting...i'm also kinda excited that i did NOT make the exact same expression in every photo. YAY!]

Thursday, January 13, 2011


so remember how i said life was slowing down? PSH. now work is super busy! i'm used to getting through my to-do list by the end of the day...but i've had the same things on it all week! dang those time consuming tasks....
fun things!
first off: i went to derby tuesday night and we did some AWESOME and yet brutal drills! we skated forEVER, which is great, because endurance is not currently in my vocabulary...
we also did loads of pack work...and i fell quite a few times! one fall in particular was epic. at least the way i picture it is. :) a girl in front of me fell and her skate hit the toe of my skates, and i dove, chest first [!!], into the ground. my ribs are killing me! [b/c after my chest hit...the rest of me did...haha]
BUT i got back up and sped up real fast! after being yelled at for stopping short over and over i finally followed through and chased the jammer down...and impressed some folks. :D
YES i still have oh-so-far to go. but tuesday's practice was successful. lots of good things! PLUS a good friend of mine started. which is even more encouraging :)

also! my birthday is on the 19th, so my super awesome sister is coming to town this long weekend and we are going to hang! this means that crazy fun photos are coming to the blog!

i have been so lame all week. the only photos i've taken are with my phone. hahaha [hence the subject of this crazy post].
i've been rollerskating, rollerblading, and running, for 2 weeks now. just got back from the gym and am feeling pumped. a bit TOO pumped...[as you can tell...]
my apologies...goodnight!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

creations :)

 daniel is sweet, and will take my awkward shop photos for me sometimes :)
i asked him to take a photograph with me - i think it hurt him. hahaha

anywho, i finally added a few things to the shop :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

thank you :)

y'all are so great. thanks so much for all the amazing and uplifting comments.
i really and truly appreciate you all.
things have, thankfully, been slowing down around here...which has allowed me to be pretty successful with a few of my 2011 goals so far :)
i would like to share them in a more creative manner soon.
have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

if i do say so myself

sometimes i take some pretty sweet pup pics :D
these are from almost two years ago.
do not be fooled. this puppy is not osa. osa did not even exist yet :)

and these little ones are from 2008.
sigh.....when life is rough, stare at some cute puppies :)
and maybe kiss them a little bit!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sad rox

i try to maintain a pretty positive attitude...i laugh at every stupid thing i do [which happens quite often]. but here is some rough days suck.
i couldn't turn my brain off today. thinking about my i doing things right? should i be doing something else? what will next year be like? am i going to cry when the last batch of kiddos i know [and have wonderful relationships with!] leave?
i couldn't skate this evening...not against actual derby girls. sure i threw a couple girls down, but as soon as i grew tired, i was flattened out. every. single. second. or i was being yelled at. from every. single. angle. for the first time my knees hurt, my shoulder hurts, and my pride hurts...bad.
i feel extremely confused in 2011.
tomorrow will be better.

anyways, just wanted to show you a different side of me.
<3 roxy

p.s. i'm not quitting. it's not easy. mentally and physically.

[the only positive note, was that i definitely practiced my blocks. which i did mention i needed to work on..]

insert obvious song lyric here :)