grrfeisty: in my very late night free time

Thursday, November 17, 2011

in my very late night free time

i enjoy watching [recorded] tv :)

this one was a accident that i am trying out :)
because i love the oc and i love the south. AND jaime king looks way better with straight teeth. tee hee.

any recommendations??


  1. The New Girl - that's my newest love.

    Glee and How I Met Your Mother are two of my favourites - can't wait for Bones to restart :D

  2. The New Girl is pretty amazing!
    So is Grimm... LOVE it!!!
    And Once Upon a Time has it's moments
    but my new FAVORITE show is American Horror Story! It's soooooo good!!

  3. My favorite shows that are currently airing:

    Parks and Rec
    The Office
    Modern Family
    Bored to Death

    Favorite off-the-air shows:

    Arrested Development
    Party Down

  4. han- i have been watching the new girl on hulu - it's alriiiight...i think bones started october. i didn't realize it did and only caught one of the new eps recently!

    lizzie- my friend told me i should get into boyfriend watches american horror story, but i'm too chicken. haha

    elizabeth- :D

    holly- i have been meaning to try out community... :)