grrfeisty: finger tip to painted lip

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

finger tip to painted lip

I don't wear lipstick. But I do enjoy lipgloss...mostly lip balm. Of which I have three favorites :)

i discovered funk off through my lovely e-friend, meesh. this is my favorite night-time lip balm. my lips wake up silky smooth!

i purchased my first lip balm from lip glosserie last year, at austin craft riot's holiday show. and i bought another one this year. :) the yummy "flavors" are my favorite!

this is my most recent discovery at the austin craft riot holiday show. feto soap's lip balm is a bit firmer [kinda like burt's bees] - allowing for a smooth application. and the peppermint "flavor" leaves a cool sensation on the lips. :)


  1. I'm a Burt's Bees girl myself -- I like how it makes my lips cold.

  2. I am such a lip balm addict too... love the packaging for them...I'm a marketing persons dream

  3. I love all-natural lip balms! There's a local soap shop in my town that makes some pretty awesome lip balms, which reminds me that I need to pick some up for these cooler months!

  4. thanks for sharing! Funk Off sounds like a great buy :)

  5. I love the tinted lipgloss. It's like I'm wearing lipstick, but not really

  6. han- :D

    holly- i recently started using the eos kind as well...makes your lips cold, too!

    hanna- haha i notice packaging, too :)

  7. sam- hooray for supporting local biz :)

    elizabeth- yaaa no probs! :)

    whitney- i only recently started trying tints :)