grrfeisty: travel pack

Monday, October 10, 2011

travel pack

 i have been working on a new kind of zipper pouch that guys and gals can wear while being active. i have seen some girls in derby wearing them, especially during an outdoor skate.

this is number one. i am going to be making a few more and then adding them to the shop :)


  1. LOVE THIS! I also love how Sam is watching you in the background sitting in his chair :)

  2. OMG, I've been looking for something like this but with a water bottle holder as well (like those runner's belts but less dorky) for when I go rollerblading! Don't suppose you could rock something like this out that could hold a water bottle could you?

  3. These are really great! I love the idea!

  4. lisa- thanks! i've since made them smaller :)

    maria- hahaha he's watching me from the corner of his eye...creeper!

    mama thanks!

  5. smo- hmmm i will investigate!

    meli- :D

  6. Found your blog just by chance. Was poking around to see what was what. Was starting to think I liked it here, then I see this. You roller derby and is that a dane I see back there? ah, now I know I love this place. I'm FM & a dane owner :)