grrfeisty: Touristy Houston part 2

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Touristy Houston part 2

 As previously mentioned, a few relatives visited during Labor Day weekend. This photo was also shot in the vicinity of the "We <3 Houston" sign.
And so was this one :)

In case you forgot I am a shorty... L -> R roxy, ely [cousin], sandy [sister]

Baby Barnaby's is a Houston breakfast must in my book. I don't care if we have to wait 30 minutes or so. The food and service is dang good.

my significant other, and theirs :) still waiting outside baby b's - and it was great!

And because we are on the topic of food - Whataburger does not exist near Miami, Florida.
This is what happens when you only get to eat a Whataburger every few years:
 It's the size of her face! Mwah ah ah ;)


  1. I love the tree in the first photo! it's adorable!

  2. Huge burger haha! I know the feeling though, when you can't eat something except once every few years you just gotta make the best out of it when you finally can:)

  3. Next time I have guests in town I'm just going to refer back to your posts. :)

  4. mama- i had never seen those, so it was a surprise!

    laura- i agree. a couple times a year i get to partake in some yummy miami empanadas

    jenny- sa-weet! :)