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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what i wore to work...day one

as many of you know, around these parts, the new school year has begun! this is my first year without the comforting familiar faces of students past. i will need to make much more of an effort to befriend these kiddos and build relationships...but it will be a lot of fun. i gotta make the time! i miss hearing "hi, ms. rodriguez!" in the hallways and laughing at silly jokes. :)

daniel's got some back to school style goin' on, as well!
he refused to let me get a photo of his face :)

good luck to everyone experiencing day two today!

disclaimer: all photographs were taken during lunch break. you can never be too safe. thanks!


  1. Love the polka dot tie :) I wore my polka dot dress on Saturday and my friend's 3yo was rocking her polka dot dress too - she thought it was awesome that we matched lol.

  2. Good luck! And have fun too of course;)

  3. How pretty! I really love the top!

  4. Love the shoes! Hope your first day was awesome! It's been good here, too. :)

  5. han- polka dots are so cute. especially on dresses...looks vintage :)

    laura- thank you!

    mama- thanks! i had trouble figuring out what to wear it with :)

    trina- thanks! good luck w/ the rest of the school year!