grrfeisty: nerd alert

Sunday, August 21, 2011

nerd alert

these past couple weeks have been pretty intense. between new challenges at work and new challenges in roller derby...i have been kind of exhausted! but i just need to find the balance again - like i have in years prior. work, sewing, derby, life.
the squares vs greasers scrimmage dressing room

returning to grrfeisty will be "what i wore to work," which i love because it motivates me a bit more in regards to "fashionable" professional attire ;)
i also have some crafty goals i hope to meet - like a return of sewing! i have ignored my needle and thread for far too long! and hopefully we can get some DIY posts in the mix :)

and to end this "return to normalcy" post...i dedicate this 3 minute clip to all of y'all educators, students, parents, or anyone who could appreciate the teaching field a bit more...

happy 2011-2012 school year!!