grrfeisty: what i wore to work...extreme casual

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

what i wore to work...extreme casual

i previously mentioned that i have to go in to work a few times over the summer. the other day i went in...the building was practically empty! and since i knew this would be the case, i didn't bother dressing up :)
oh, this isn't at work. this is at borders beforehand :)
 this is at work. see all the math books?? :)
and the creepy i really don't wanna be here smile.....

 my favorite part of this entire super casual outfit is the shorts.
you may also remember seeing them here and here.
while i was in miami i borrowed my cousin's shorts and never took them off...until my last day :(
and then i went out and bought my own!
i love love love the length and fit! if you have issues with your shorts riding up, i highly recommend bullhead slouch fit shorts.
p.s. i have to go in to work today, too :(


  1. love the shorts!!! soo cute

  2. You're on the floor with the roaches!

  3. mama- thanks! i <3 my shorts :)

    lisa- they are awesome!!

    maria- :D

    suburban- it's kinda awkward to wear...but i was able to snap a couple nonawkward fotos? haha

    paula- no! i was on the floor at borders, not work! :)