grrfeisty: shoes.

Friday, July 22, 2011


there's no denying...i love my heels. since graduating from college and getting real jobs, i have vastly expanded my shoe collection...
especially since working in schools, where the 7th graders are taller than you? yep - time to strap on the stilts!

and now, a video that maria and i obsessed over in '07.
give it a minute to break into song....and beware of extreme cussing at 3 minutes :)

oh my gah. shoes.


  1. Those heels are HOT! I like them a lot!

  2. i love those wedges! and that shoes song by kelly is so funny! theres a few others he does that i like too :)

  3. Those shoes are wonderful.
    & that video will *never* get old.

  4. oo nice shoes!

    i LOVE that video. my mom and i still quote it from time to time.

    i need to make my boyfriend taller so i can wear heels... lol