grrfeisty: hitting drills

Thursday, July 21, 2011

hitting drills

notice, this is NOT what i actually look like when i am in my skates.
a few "freshies" and myself went to rec league practice recently. we love going to rec practice [and were members until the beginning of may when we became "fresh meat"] - it's always a blast.  i have a few friends i hang with when i go, and there are always amazing retired skaters visiting...that intimidate the crap outta me...but still - so fun :)
 THIS is what i actually look like in my skates....a midget covered in padding. bahaha
anyways, my sister was in town and tagged along with her camera. first off, this made me completely nervous! and to top it off, i felt utterly lame during warm ups! dang all the jumping sandy and i did 2 days prior... BUT here are a couple videos she took while we practiced hitting drills :)

in this first video, my friend bustin beaver completes her first hit before i skate out.

as i have mentioned several time before...hitting is a skill i desperately need to work on. i feel like i can do the drills fine, but when it comes to hitting while in a just doesn't cross my mind until i hear someone yelling it from the sidelines! isn't that strange? i am so focused on blocking and absorbing/dodging hits, i can't remember to do them myself!
i will admit, though, that i have drastically improved in regards to hitting intensity...for my size, i think i surprise some folks!
a couple of us overheard someone last week saying that it takes a year and a half for a skater to be really good. i have quite a ways to go!
wish me luck <3!


  1. Hi! That looks like a lot of fun! I like the first photo a lot!

  2. I think your hits look awesome!
    I'm still learning how to do a crossover turn, so hitting seems like something in the very distant future lol.

  3. Year and a half... Just remember there is always an exception that proves the rule. ;)

  4. The photo of you with your skates looks so sexy! :)

  5. mama- it IS a lot of fun! one of my fave drills :) [but also painful!]

    meli- oh you'll get those crossovers pretty soon! it's the clockwise crossovers that get me...

    jenny- fingers crossed then! :)

    lu- haha thanks!