grrfeisty: what i wore to work...for 30 minutes

Thursday, June 23, 2011

what i wore to work...for 30 minutes

most of y'all know that i am on summer break. but! sometimes i have to go in to work for a meeting or two...or other things...
anyway, i had to go in recently, and this is what i wore. :)

this dress was one of my renegade handmade purchases.
i bought it a couple sizes too big...but it was the only size left and the dress is so incredibly soft...i couldn't resist! i am such a sucker for soft clothing :)
dress: make it good
belt: nordstrom junior section
shoes: xania, greece

p.s. here is how i made the outfit work friendly :)
 tights! :)

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  1. awesome dress! sad I missed their booth. :(

  2. Super adorable! In love with the giraffe dress!

  3. Aw, I LOVE the dress. And how all it takes is a pair of tights to suddenly make it work friendly, hehe.