grrfeisty: 5 not so touristy facts

Thursday, May 12, 2011

5 not so touristy facts

  1. tiny people & giant stuffed animals are always a photo WIN.
 2. i lived in saudi arabia for a couple years. we used to collect geodes behind the school and crack them open with a hammer :)
3. obsession: texture within a photograph
4. close ups are the bestest
5. graffiti is art [sometimes...]


  1. Oh that stuffed bunny is so cute!
    You used to live in Saudi Arabia? How was it? Was it so stricktly Muslim as I have underestood?
    What did you do there?
    Sorry about the flood of questions, I am just curious :P

  2. Graffiti art is nice when it's a proper picture rather than just a bunch of tagging or just insults.