grrfeisty: voice crush + song crush

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

voice crush + song crush

so last week's episode of glee was kind of.....yawnsville. but last night the warbler's sang one of my favorite songs! and you don't really hear keane on the it kinda felt personal.
haha sigh, the secret it out.

plus darren criss...way hotter than tom chaplin [lead singer of keane] ;)

and also :)


  1. Love it. I would watch a spinoff show just about the Warblers. For reals.

  2. It was so wonderful. I totally cried. Shu sings that song at karaoke often, so he loved it too. That Keane album is sooo good.

  3. last week was SO yawn...
    this week was so good though:) i loveddddd this part the best. darren is such a babe too! :)