grrfeisty: unloading :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

unloading :)

i love my canon rebel xt. but i usually carry around a canon elph. with this little camera, i capture a lot of things that jump out at me - like brightly colored walls, cute pups, and random events.
 i really like tagging along with daniel when he goes to the comic book store.
[ even if sometimes i complain about it :) ]
photographing blinking pups :)
 cute dog toys that satisfy my obsessions :)
 ye olde scrunch face!
 discovering houston fun
 introducing folks to houston fun
[and feisty merch! ;)]
 derby and wheel shaped bruises :)
 my mom and her super amazing cooking skillzzz
finding pups with tags and walking them home :)


  1. Cute pics! That's a crazy bruise, yowchers!

  2. cute pictures, all of the puppies are so cute!

    <3 steffy

  3. Ah! Love that dog toy!

    I recently got a stuffed hedgehog for my, they prefer their nasty torn up toys. They couldn't be less interested in the adorable hedgehog.

  4. christina- thanks! the bruise doesn't hurt much, i just love the shape :)

    steffy- thank you! <3 pups :)

    jenny- my dogs do not do well w/ stuffed toys! i gotta go for the less fun vinyly type toys :) haha

  5. Do they sell Archie comic books at the comic book store? If so, WHY WOULD YOU COMPLAIN?! If they don't, I totally understand... I would complain too. ;) Hahah.

  6. hahaha i asked daniel and he said probably! :D