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Friday, March 25, 2011


busy busy!
i'm not sure what to expect at renegade handmade in may. i have been making small batches at a time...but i hope to have enough items so i don't worry about running low [fingers crossed!].
A couple foxes are available in my shop and hopefully i will have some new zipper pouches soon :)

p.s. while editing my flickr account i stumbled upon these gems
anyone else's dog obsessed w/ the squeaker?


  1. I have my Mustachasaurus attached to my ID badge at work :)

  2. super pretty pictures, roxy! the wooden tags are amazing O.O
    haha, buster is adorable <3

  3. Love the tags and the felt fox goodness!

    Bubby kills the toy by ripping it open, pulling out the guts, then basking in the sweet smell of victory (aka the squeaker). I always feel like the worst mom ever when I have to eventually take it away from him for fear of choking.


  4. Those pictures are adorable, but, even more adorable if he (she?) had a little dinosaur mustache on her (his?) collar

  5. han- that is SO AWESOME. thank you so much ;)

    trisha- thanks! robertosands on etsy makes them :)

  6. melissa- haha that's what my dogs do, too! they always end up tearing ANY toy we get them apart. stuffing EVERYWHERE. i'm sure you know about that :)

    whitney- hahaha yes! i need to look into mustache charms for dogs :D

  7. Love those buttons/tags you have for your shop!

    See you're working hard!

    Couldn't help myself and googled your blowfish;) They look really cool too. I agree that mine are easier to wear with most colors, but I suppose yours could do well with jeans, right? Anyway, they look really cool too!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. laura- wow i am surprised you could find my shoes! they're a few years old :) yours are definitely more wearable!

    chelsea- hooray! thanks!

  9. I absolutely love your felt projects. My mom loves the Maine state pin you made. Thanks again.

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway if you are interesting in entering:

  10. Just discovered your blog & love love love it!! SO cute!! Those pictures of your dog are so cute and funny!