grrfeisty: FOUR years ago - me...singing

Friday, March 18, 2011

FOUR years ago - me...singing

okay, so lately i have been LONGING to exercise my voice again....
in an earlier post i mentioned that i used to be vocally trained.
this video is NOT an example of vocal training. BUT i wasn't as out of shape as i am now. blargh.
anyways, here i am...4 years ago...fresh outta at home again...singing up a storm.
p.s. this was around the time covers were really blowin' up on youtube. haha
p.p.s. buster was still small enough for me to carry her! ha!
p.p.p.s. what's up w/ that painting thing of a nudey girl??
p.p.p.p.s. i am only sharing this with you because i have had a couple glasses of wine. :-O


  1. Ahaha so cute! I love it. God, I wish I could sing.

  2. hahaha! you are to cute roxy! i cant believe the end...too funny!
    lets sing songs together! i've been wanting to take voice lessons for the past couple of years. in school i sang all the time, i was in every chorus/choir you could i only sing in the car or the shower...alone. ;)

  3. PS: I have to say I've never heard of Say It's Possible before! I guess it either wasn't popular here then, or I was too in to my emo music haha. It's beautiful!

  4. hahahaha, you are soooo awesome. i loved this! i like the end too :)
    i recorded a video of me playing guitar and singing a song but then i chickened out and didn't blog it as was my original plan. i'm a wimp!

  5. alice- ;) i have never heard say it's possible on the radio - but it was HUGE on youtube a few years ago!

    meesh- it's be so awesome to take voice lessons again! and probably extreeeeemely humbling! i only sing in the car these days :-/

    elycia- do eeeet! i WISH i played an instrument!

  6. Finally saw it! I am impressed with you singing sitting like that. I have sit up straight to sing properly...been a long time. Like I told you the other night all the voice lessons I ever took never cured me of stage fright. I've never tried for video before. I do have audio recordings somewhere, though. Thanks for sharing!

  7. hehehe you're too cute