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Monday, March 28, 2011


so this weekend, for some reason, i wanted to clean. daniel stared at me...with his jaw hanging.
the front room was deep cleaned. even smells different! some of the furniture was rearranged as well.
not a big deal, but i thought i'd share :)
oh hi sam! he is like daniel, they don't like making blog appearances too often :)
i just like this wall :)

 i had an empty wall in the bedroom...only thing on it was a pretty yellow frame :) not so lonely anymore [these two pieces were in the front room].

if you're at all curious about my home, i did some home tours a few months back.
link one      link two      link three      link four     link five

hope you don't have a case of the mondays!
  UGH allergies!


  1. Your house is awesome!
    And I only just saw that great video you made of your craft room. I love that room! My goal is to one day have a "headquarter" myself, but since our house is so tiny, I'm just sticking with the living room for now.

  2. Wow!! the music corner is beyond gorgeous. i wonder how many guitars do you have. we only own these fake Gibson and two terrible accoustic guitars :D

  3. My allergies have been killing me, too! YUCK! And it's only the beginning. :( I wish my house looked that clean right now. Not even close!

  4. I like your house...and your cleaning job was awesome! I totally have allergies..and from thaw out till winter I will have the bubbling eyes, itchy nose, and sneezies. Oh well. If only I could learn to sneeze cutely :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. Aw your house is very cute! I also cleaned house this weekend. I guess we are on the same page! :)

  6. I love the music area! :) Do you play the piano?

    xx, Brittni

  7. laura- this is the first time i've ever had my own little headquarters :) i used to keep all of my sewing things on a little shelf haha

    eva- my boyfriend plays all the instruments. i WISH i could play! i usd to pretend my voice was my instrument haha

    marci- my mom and sister's allergies are awful! i'm pretty lucky. maybe a handful of times a year...fingers crossed!

  8. janna- my cleaning job was such a miracle! haha

    victoria- gracias, amiga :)

    jacque- woohoo! let me know next time you do so maybe i can do it again :)

  9. whitney- hmmmm no! hahaha ;)

    brittni- i wish :( the boy does!

  10. i'm so glad you're on kaelah's blog! i've been looking through your blog since i saw her post. (read: obsessively going though!) is your pup part great dane? we have a great dane mix, and they look sort of similar!

    xo.anna marie